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  A: Good morning, Miss. Glad to meet you.早上好,很高兴见到你。

  B: Good morning, Mr . gald to have the opportunity of visting your com#pany and I hope to conclude some business with you。很兴奋能有机会.拜访贵公司,希望能与你们做成交易。

  A:I think so ,and I don’t believe we’ve met.我们以前没有见过吧?

  B: No, I don’t think we have. 我想没有。

  A: My name is Li Sung-lin 我叫李松林。

  B: My name is Cheery Smith. 您好,我是切莉史蜜斯

  A: Here’s my name card. 这是我的名片。

  B: And here’s mine. 这是我的。

  A: I'm our sales representative, how do you do,what can I do for you.我是我们公司的销售代表,你是做什么的,有什么可以为你服务的吗?

  B: Our com#pany will buy in a batch of com#pters, as the procurement manager secretary,I want to get to know your product.我们公司要购进一批电脑,作为采购经理的秘书,我想了解一下你们的产品。

  A:Our com#pany engaged in import and export trade for 5 years, has many professional and qualified partners. com#pany in good standing, developed many long-term partners, look forward to working with you.我公司从事进出口贸易5年来,已经拥有很多专业的,资质良好的合作商。公司信誉良好,发展了很多长期合作伙伴,期待与你们的合作。

  B:I want to know more about your com#pany's products, I hope you can provide me with this. Believe that through the cooperation with your com#pany, we will expand market share in China, China's consumer demand is very strong。我想了解下贵公司的产品,希望您能为我详细的介绍。相信通过与贵公司的合作,我们会扩大在中国的市场占有率,中国的消费需求很强劲

  A: I should be very happy to give you any further information you need on it./我很乐意提供您所需要的关于它的进一步的信息。

  A: we have imported a latest development, I wonder if you would like to have a look? 我们进口了一种新产品我想知道您是否可以看看货?

  B:of couse. Ah, yes, this is the model I was interested in./啊,是的,这就是我所感兴趣的那种样式。

  B: Yes, what are the specifications?/好的,都有哪些规格呢?

  A: we have a wide selection of colors and designs. If I may refer you to page eight of the brochure you'll find all the specifications there./ 我们有很多式样和颜色可供选择。如果您看一下手册的第8页,就会在那儿找到所有的规格。

  B: Ah, look nice.And what I care about is the quality of the goods. Now what about service life?/ 我关心的是货物的质量。哦,好的2016实用谈判商务英语对话2016实用谈判商务英语对话。关于使用寿命呢?

  A: Our tests indicate that this model has a service life of at least 50, 000 hours.,about 10 years.我们的实验表明这种样式至少可以使用50,000小时,大约10年.

  B: Is that an average figure for this type of equipment?/这是这种设备的平均数据吗?

  A: Oh, no, far from it. That's about 10,000 hours longer than any other made in its price range./不是的,相差还很远。这种比在它的价格范围内的任何其他样式都要高出1万小时左右。

  B: Really?That's impressive. 真的?这一点给我印象颇深。

  A: of couse.our product is the best seller and it is really com#petitive in the word market. .我们的产品最畅销。我们的产品在国际市场上很有竞争力。

  B:but what happens if something goes wrong when we're using it?/不过如果这种设备在我们使用的时候发生故障,该怎么办呢?

  A: If that were to happen, just contact our nearest agent and they'll send someone round immediately./一旦发生那样的情况,同我们最近的办事处联系,他们会马上派人过去的。

  B: I see. will you give us an indication of prices? 我明白了。你可以给我报一个指示性的价格吗?

  A: unit price is 5000yuan.单价5000元

  B: Do you offer discounts for plentiful purchases?大量购买,你们提供折扣吗?

  A:Yes, we do indeed. Our ususal figure is around 5%, but that depends on the size of the order./是的,我们确实这样做。通常的数目是5%左右,但那还要根据订货的多少来定。

  B: Oh,I think Your prices are much too high for us to accept. can you cut down the price for me?我认为你的价格太高,我们不能接受。你们可以降低价格吗?

  A:sorry, It would be very difficult to com#e down with the price. I can assure you our price is very favourable对不起,我们很难再降价了。.我可以保证我们的价格是优惠的。

  B: I can't allow the price。It is a little high. we will buy a lot.我不能同意你们的价格,有点高。我们要买很多。

  A: well,the discount is 7%.This is the lowest possible price.折扣百分之七,这是最低价了。

  B: it can be considered. Now what about the payment? Could you accept D/P or D/A?可以考虑,您可以接受付款交单或承兑交单吗?

  A:I'm afraid not,usually we only accept payment by irrevocable letter of credit payable against shipping documents.恐怕不行,通常我们只接受不可撤销的信用证,凭装运单据付款。

  B :You know for this a large amount,an L/C is cost lost also ties up our money.If you accept D/P or D/A,I would really appreciate it.您知道这么大的金额的信用证,费用很大,同时积压我们的资金。如果您能接受付款交单或承兑交单的话,我们会很感激的。

  A:I am very sorry,but we require L/C for all of our clients.


  B:Well,Mr.Lee,opening an L/C doesn’t make any difference to you,but makes much to us.噢,李先生,开信用证对您来说没有影响,但对我们影响很大。 .

  A:Actually it does,it gives us the protection of the bank.


  B:If you can send goods in this month,I'll agree to payment by L/C.如果您在这个月前发货的话,我将同意开立信用证。

  A:All right 好吧

  B:And,I'd like to know your usual way of packing


  A:Of course we use canons. we also usually use nylon straps to reinforce them.当然是纸箱了。我们通常还用尼龙带加固2016实用谈判商务英语对话公共英语。

  B:the packing must be strong enough to withstand rough handling.我同意,包装必须十分坚固,以承受粗鲁的搬运。

  A:Breakage never happened to our deliveries.我们的货物从未发生过破损现象If broken,we'll pay the cost.假如破损我们赔偿。

  B:How do you usually move your goods? 你们习惯使用哪种方式运输?

  A:we use ship, and if use ship ,we can assume transportation cost.轮船,并且用轮船,我们承担运费

  A:that is great,太好了

  B:Ok.We are pleased to place an order for 100 com#puters. Let’s sign the contract!,the quality must be instrict conformity with that of sample. Once a contract is signed,it has legal effect.好的,我们订100台电脑。让我们来签合同吧,质量必须与样品一样。合同一旦签署即具有法律效力。

  A: of couse.It's our principle in business to honor the contract and keep our promise."重合同,守信用"是我们经营的原则。 I'm glad that our negotiation has com#e to a successful conclusion.我很兴奋我们的谈判获得圆满成功。