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  Part One

  G: Mr. Wang, we regret to inform you that the toys you shipped us do not accord with the required specifications in the contract, and we are compelled to lodge a claim against you.

  乔治:王先生,我们很遗憾地通知你,你 运送给我们的玩具与合同要求的规格不符,我们不得不同你们提出索 赔。

  W: Can you explain to me exactly what the matter is?

  王:具体是什么情况,你能给我解释一 下吗?

  G: After the arrival of the goods, we are surprised to find that some of them are seriously damaged. This is the certificate by the security department.

  乔治:货物到达后,我们惊奇地发现其中 一部分严重受损。这是货物安检部 门的相关证书。

  W: Our packing is always very strong,and suitable for long distance transportation. There ought not to have issues.I am in the opinion that this may be caused by careless handling.

  王:我们的包装是很结实,而且适合 长途运输的,不应该出现问题。 我觉得可能是由于操作不慎造成 的。

  G: No, after the arrival of the goods, I supervise there almost every day. And the certificate also clearly tells that due to the improper packing, the goods are damaged in transit.

  乔治:不是的,货物到达后,我几乎天天 都在码头监督。并且这个证书上也 明确说明了由于包装不当,造成了 在运输中货物受损。

  W: Well, in view of our long and friendly relationship, I will meet your claim.


  G: Thank you for your friendly attitude.


  W: Then how do you want to solve it? I wish to hear your opinion.

  王:那你们想要怎么解决呢?我想听听 你们的意见。

  G: I think since you admit it is your fault, you should take full responsibility.

  乔治:我觉得既然这是你们的原因引起 的,你们应该负全部的责任。

  W: We will try our best to compensate you. We will give you reduction of 5% on price, and send the technical personal to repair the defective goods. How do you think about the suggestion?

  王:我们会想办法补偿你们的。我们给 你们降价5%,另外派技术人员把 坏的玩具修理好。你觉得这样怎么 样?

  G: That is great. But I do hope you will take care of your packing later.

  乔治:这样很好。不过还是希望你们以后 注意产品的包装。

  W: Thank you for your warning. We will. We didn't expect this situation, either. There will be no such thing again.

  王:谢谢你的提醒,我们会的。出现 这样的情况是我们也没有预料到 的。以后不会出现这样的情况 了。

  Part Two

  K: Hello, this is my business card.


  Z: Hello, what's the matter with you?


  K: We received the goods you delivered us. But to our amazement, the quality of the goods is very bad. I was sent by our company to talk about the claim matter with you.

  你们给我们的货物收到了,但我们想不到的 是,货物的质量很低劣。我是被我们公司派 来谈谈关于索赔事顶的。

  Z: But I need to know the facts first. What is the performance of inferior quality?

  我得先了解一下事实。请问质量低劣的表现 是什么?

  K: Half of this batch of clothes is musty, and out of shape, so we are not likely to sell them out. You should be responsible for our loss.

  这批衣服的一半发霉了,并且走了形。我们 是不可能再出售的。你们要负责承担我们的损失。

  Z: But before the shipment, we check all of them carefully, and every piece is good.So I am sorry to tell you that we can't entertain your claim.

  但是在发货前我们对他们都经过严格的检 查,每一件都是很好的。所以我很抱歉地告 诉你,我们可能不能接受你们的索赔。

  K: But after the arrival, they are inferior quality of goods. How do you explain this?


  Z:I suppose this should be caused by the dampness in transit. Since we achieve this transaction on the basis of F.O.B, we just guarantee the shipping quality, and don't ensure the landed quality.

  我想应该是货物在运输中受潮引起的。由于 我们是在离岸价的基础上成交的,我们只保证装船质量,而不管到岸质量的。

  K: Can you prove that the goods you send out is good?


  Z: Of course. This is the goods quality inspection certificate by the security department, which says the quality and packing are both qualified.


  K: Well, that is OK. That is It.

  哦,那好吧。就这 样吧。

  Z: Did you in sure the goods? If yes, your claim can be referred to the insurance company for compensation.

  你们对货物投保险了吗?如果是,你们可以 向保险公司申请索赔的。

  K: I know. Thank you for your kindness. See you.


  Z: See you.