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  The Scientific Approach to Recruitment

  When it (20) to selecting candidates through interview, more often than not the decision is made within the first five minutes of a meeting.??Yet employers like to (21) themselves that they are being exceptionally thorough in their selection processes. In today’s competitive market place, the (22) of staff in many organizations is fundamental to the company’s success and, as a result , recruiters use all means at their disposal to (23) the best in the field.

  One method in particular that has (24) in popularity is testing , either psychometric testing, which attempts to define psychological characteristics , or ability£aptitude testing (25) an organization with an extra way of establishing a candidate’s suitability for a role. It (26) companies to add value by identifying key elements of a position and then testing candidates to ascertain their ability against those identified elements.

  The employment of psychometric or ability testing as one (27) of the recruitment process may have some merit, but in reality there is no real (28), scientific or otherwise, of the potential future performance of any individual. The answer to this problem is experience in interview techniques and strong definition of the elements of each position to be (29) as the whole recruitment process is based on few real certainties, the instinctive decisions that many employers make, based on a CT and the first five minutes of a meeting, are probably no less valid than any other tool employed in the (30) of recruitment.

  21.A suggest B convince C advise D believe

  22.A worth B credit C quality D distinction

  23.A secure B relies C attain D achieve

  24.A lifted B enlarged C expanded D risen

  25.A provides B offers C contributes D gives

  26.A lets B enables C agrees D admits

  27. A portion B member C share D component

  28. A extent B size C amount D measure

  29.A occupied B met  C filled D appointed

  30 A business B topic C point D affair

  《The scientific approach to recruitment》,招人的科学方法。这篇完型比较简单。完型填空也有两种题型,两种解题思路。一种是从意思上理解然后做出选择,一种是根据单词的用法。前者比较容易,后者很考验语言功底。

  21题,理解上下文的意思。前面说招人时的决定一般是在五分钟以内做出的。但是雇主们试图使自己详细相信他们在挑选过程中是经过了深思熟虑的。Convince oneself,使确信。其他的词没有这个用法。


  23题,招人者试图利用一切方法来抓住这个领域最好的(人才),secure the best,抓住最好的。realise是实现,attain是获得,后面不能接人,achieve是实现一个目标。

  24题,rise in popularity,固定搭配,popularity是知名度的意思,这个词组应该可以翻译成声名鹊起。

  25题,provides with,提供。给组织提供另外一种方法。offer的用法是offer sb sth,contribute在这里意思不对。



  Component:one of several parts that together make up a whole machine, system etc

  Portion:a part of something larger, especially a part that is different from the other parts



  29题,fill a position,填补空位,fill在这里的意思是to perform a particular job, activity, or purpose in an organization, or to find someone or something to do this。不能选occupy,因为occupy更强调人的一种主动,而这里只是客观说某个需要填补的职位。

  30题,in the business of,也是一种固定的说法,在什么的过程中。很多场合都可以使用。可以多看几个例句:

  We’re in the business of stimulating the economy(By Obama)

  Energetics is a specialist management consultancy in the business of climate change



  Questions41 - 52

  l Read the text below about team-based pay

  l In most of the lines 41 - 52 there is one extra word. It is either grammatically incorrect of does not fit in with the sense of the text. Some lines, however,are correct .

  l If a line is correct, write CORRECT on your Answer Sheet.

  l If there is an extra word in the line ,write the extra word in CAPITAL LETTERS on your Answer Sheet .

  l The exercise begins with two examples, (0) and (00) .

  Team-Based Pay

  0 Team-based pay schemes that have been catching the eye of modern employers.

  00 Supporters say that they encourage group endeavour and improve 41 organizational performance. But salespeople, typically the most self-motivated

  42 of workers, they have traditionally been rewarded according to individual

  43 performance. So are team-based schemes suitable ? The key issue is

  44 whether team-based pay is more being in line with the organization’s objectives

  45 than pay which based on individual achievement. Introducing a team pay

  46 scheme can be complex. The biggest problem is for defining the team in the first

  47 place. Another is that team pay schemes won’t work if the actions

  Of one

  48 individual make no impact on those of another. You should need a true team.

  49 like a football team. Where all the members are interdependent. When sales staff

  50 can be less receptive to team pay schemes because personal motivation can

  51 be an important boost to performance What they need is their encouragement

  52 to perceive that the wider term of the company overall : production, administration and dispatch all affect each other.

  Writing 1 hour 10 minutes

  Part one

  Question 1

  ●The graphs below show the performance of a European country’s manufacturing and agricultural

  Sectors in terms of exports and imports between 1991 and 2001.

  ●Using the information from the graphs, write a short report describing the general movements in exports, imports and the resulting balance of trade

  ●Write 120-140 words

  Part two:

  Write an answer to ONE of the questions 2-4 in this part. Write your answer in 200-250 words.

  Question 2:

  ●The Managing Director of your company or organization has announced that reports on performance are to be produced by all departments. Your Hear of Department has asked you to produce the report about your department for the Managing Director.

  ●Write the report for the Managing Director, explaining:

  A What aspects of your department function most effectively

  B Which aspect is most in need of improvement

  C How this improvement could be achieved

  Question 3

  ●You work for an employment agency. The following is part of a letter you have received from a customer:

  The temporary administrative assistant you sent us was totally unacceptable. I certainly will not be using your agency again when I need temporary staff.

  ●Write a letter to the customer:

  A apologising for having sent the unsatisfactory temporary worker

  B giving reasons for what happened

  C explaining why what happened was exceptional

  D offering some sort of compensation to the customer

  Question 4

  ●Your Managing Director has decided that the company’s website should be improved and has asked you to consider ways of going about this.

  ●Write a proposal for the Managing Director:

  A Sunmarising the strengths and weaknesses the current website

  B suggesting new services and information to be provided through the website

  C explaining the benefits the improvements would bring.




  51-52 THEIR THAT



  This report describes the movements of the balance of trade between 1991 and 2001 , for a particular country, concerning manufacturing and agriculture.


  Imports increased constantly during this period. The figure shows a rise of $ 4 bn within the whole period and no fluctuations are to be remarked.

  Exports rose from nearly $ 3 bn in 1991 to approximately $7 bn in 2001 , suffering minor fluctuations all the way through. In general, the balance of trade remained slightly positive through the period considered.


  Imports increased slightly, ending the period around $1 bn over their starting level. They suffered a temporary fall between 1992 and 1994 , followed by a steady recovery. After peaking at around $2.5 bn in 1999, imports fell slightly to their final value.

  Exports figure shows the same performance although at level $4bn higher than imports.

  Consequently, the balance of trade remained markedly positive throughout the period.

  Band 4

  All content points are included. There is a relatively natural use of language and a good range of structure, despite some inaccuracy. There is also evidence of a wide range of vocabulary and the report is well organized.

  Sample B


  The aim of this report is to describe the imports an exports of the Manufacturing and Agricultural sectors in the years 1991-2001 in European contry’s

  Manufacturing Imports

  In the first year (1991) the imports were just above $2 bn, at the end of 2001, the imports were almost on the $ 6 bn.

  Manufacturing Exports

  In 1991 were just below the $ 3