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  Seller: Mr. Zhang? We made an appointment last time to have a discussion on insurance at 8:00 your time today. I'm here now.


  Buyer: Oh, I'm here waiting online for you now. You are always punctual. Of course we Chinese are always confidential too. Haha.


  Seller: I believe we will be surely successful in our cooperative business. We have so many points in common.


  Buyer: Successful business is based on equality and mutual benefits. There is a great demand of linseed oil in our market recently. We have received so many inquiries and orders these days. We are thinking of placing an additional order with you for 1,000MT linseed oil of the same grade at once if this order of 1,000MT linseed oil is satisfactory.


  Seller: Wonderful! It seems we have to quicken the negotiation process. Shall I have your specific requirements?


  Buyer: Thanks. Our price is confirmed by CIF Qingdao. That means your side will buy the insurance and bear the insurance premium. That will spare us the trouble to go to our underwriters and saves us much time.


  Seller: You said it. Actually, it is our interest to insure the goods ourselves. Besides, our insurance company Royale Beige, formerly called AXA Belgium, can offer good services. It has agencies in particularly all the cities of the world. If any damage or loss occurs, you may file a claim with your local insurance agent within 60 days after the arrival of the goods. Of course, your claim should be supported by a survey report. Then Royale Beige will undertake to compensate you for the loss according to the risks insured.

  言之有理。确实,对自己的产品投保对我们自己也有益。而且我们的保险公司Royale Beige(此前叫比利时安盛)提供的保险服务也很好,他们的办事处遍布世界各个城市。如果货物受到损害,您可以在收到货物后60日内向当地保险办事处索赔。当然,你们要有调查报告作为证据,这样Royale Beige就会根据投保情况对你们进行赔偿。

  Buyer: You are so professional and acquainted. Wait, I copy these down.


  Seller: So lovely you are.


  Buyer: It's OK now. Will you give us a premium rebate just as other underwriters do?


  Seller: I'm afraid we are unable to comply with your request. The insurance rates offered by our underwriters run much lower than those in other directions.


  Buyer: Well, in that case, I suppose we have to be content with what you can do. One more thing, you'll cover WPA and War Risks that are general clauses of marine insurance, won't you?


  Seller: Well, we can cover all basic risks and additional risks as required so long as it is stipulated in the Ocean Marine Cargo Clauses of Royale Beige.

  我们会包括所有基本的险种,除此以外,Royale Beige规定的一切海运保险条款也会包括在内。

  Buyer: Then do you cover risks other than WPA and War Risks?


  Seller: Certainly. We can offer Risks of Leakage, Fresh and/or Rain Water Damage, Hook Damage, Breakage of Packing, Clashing, TPND and so forth.


  Buyer: I suppose they are classified under Extraneous Risks.


  Seller: Yes. PICC has almost the same insurance regulations.


  Buyer: Another thing, I'd like to have the insurance covered at 120% of the invoice amount. Do you think that can be done?


  Seller: I think so. But please note that our insurance coverage is usually for 110% of the invoice value, not for 120%. Thus the extra premium should be born by the buyer.


  Buyer: I understand. So happy to talk with you.


  Seller: Does it mean you are leaving soon? How about complaints and claims?


  Buyer: I'd suggest leaving this topic till tomorrow, as it's rather late now.


  Seller: All right. Let's call it a day.