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  Personal Statement

  China is a country that pays so much attention and emphasis on education. Elementary School for a starter, following the Junior Middle School, Senior Middle School, College, Graduate School and etc., every student must receive a series of strict and systematic academic training before he really can be put to good use in society. Children’s education plays a very important role in family life too. Parents put so much expectation on their children, and give all they can to shape their children prodigies. Expectation is a two-edged sword: on the one hand, it brings students a strong backup and good surrounding for study that their parents never had; but on the other hand, expectation also means much pressure and rigor. Meanwhile, the pressure does not only come from the family. The competition within schools is so intense that every entering a higher school is like a war – fighting for the opportunities to enter best schools. In the last eleven years, I have been growing under such a background.

  When I was at the age about to enter elementary school, like all the parents under the sun, my mom and dad believed that I deserved the very best from the beginning. So they worked so hard on getting me into the best elementary school of the city. But unfortunately, due to the entering-the-nearest-school rule for primary school prospective students, I finally got into the one that was two blocks away from our house – a mediocre elementary school. To mom and dad, it was all along a big pity that I couldn’t have the best education. But deep in my mind I decided to make up their regret with my own working. So, early since I firstly entered school, I have taken education more seriously than most of my peers. I studied so hard, looking forward to increasing my knowledge, expanding my view of the world and getting more and more mature. Six years quickly disappeared into history. I soon found myself standing in front of another turning point. I made my determination to open myself the best middle school’s gate.

  However, sometimes determination doesn’t always turn out the best result. My knocking didn’t get the most desired answer I was expecting. Again, I missed the chance to enter the best school in our city. However, instead of getting disappointed this time, mom and dad even felt delighted because though it was not the best, the Junior Middle School that admitted me was also a considerably renowned one. Yet I still haven’t got very satisfied about the result. During the three years in Junior Middle School, I never slowed down my steps to pursue my aim.

  My determination pushed me to seek the best in everything I do, whether in academic studies or other aspects of life. I remember the time I got myself into a dilemma. Because of my outstanding trumpet skill, I took the position of chief trumpet player in school orchestra. So I had to keep a well-balanced connection between study and music. But at the end of one semester when I was tensely preparing for the finals, I suddenly received the notification from the orchestra for a big performance, which means I had to spend much time on rehearsal and practicing for my own solo. The two things seemed so conflictive that both mom and dad advised me to give up the performance. But I wanted the performance to be good as much as my academic record. I accepted to make the performance without hesitation. For a whole month, I almost wanted to divide every minute into two. I clutched every second in the daytime to work on my school courses because the trumpet score was waiting for me in the night. In order not to annoy neighbors, I closed myself into the small toilet of our house. It was in summer, the small closed space was so hot and fuggy. My body got totally wet with sweats every time I finished the practicing. After one month, I did very well in both the examination and performance, with the cost of a couple of kilograms’ weight drop. With a determination like that, after the completion of Junior Middle School, I finally got admitted by one of the top middle schools of our city.

  I aspire to study Biochemistry in my undergraduate years and become a scientist specialized in biochemical sciences. Honestly, my first encounter with this subject was not a very pleasant memory. When I was very young, I watched a movie “The 731 Army” which tells of the biochemical weapon research of Japanese Army in China during World War Two. In the movie, Japanese Army uses innocent villagers to test the biochemical weapon, the horrible vision deeply carved in my memory. Since then on, both that movie and biochemistry were an unspeakable taboo to me. But things got totally changed when I began to take chemistry study in middle school. I was suddenly captured by the great fascination of chemistry. Chemical experiment became my most favorite class. And only school studies could not satisfy my curiosity, I expanded my readings to many other sources. From the learning, my early fear of biochemistry was gone completely, because the more I read, the more I found it such a beautiful and useful subject for our human being. I know becoming a scientist in biochemical field will be a long and tiring process. But my determination gives me the confidence and courage to face any challenge and difficulty.














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