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  一、 Personal Information 关于个人信息的问题

  1. What’s the meaning of your English name? 你的英文名字有什么含义么?

  回答示范: The name King may sound a bit aggressive, I hope it won’t make you feel uncomfortable. As a matter of fact, I chose the name King simply because it sounds like my Chinese name Jing. But, there is also a hidden meaning in it, that is, I wish to conquer diseases like a King!

  2. What’s the meaning of your email address? 你的电子邮件的址有什么寓意么?

  回答示范: Neverlazy? Oh, I want to encourage myself never to be lazy! You know I am a hardworking person. So, it’s my slogan!

  3. Where are you from? Where is your hometown? 你是哪里人?家乡在什么地方?

  回答示范: Well, my hometown is a small town which you probably have never heard of. The name of the town is Dehui, which means “good moral” in Chinese. The town is located in the middle of China’s Northeast. When you look at the map, it looks like the eye of the rooster. You know, China looks like a rooster on the map, and the Northeast region looks just like the head of the rooster. My hometown “Good Moral Town” is unknown to most people because it’s quite poor. The average income for a family is less than one thousand RMB per month.

  二、 Education 关于教育背景的问题

  4. Why did you select your major area of study? 你为什么选择了这个专业?

  回答示范: I selected Business English as I was quite good at English back in high school. Apart from this, my high school teachers recommended that I select a major related to business, since I showed some good qualities for business management at a young age. So, I chose this major, business plus English, two in one, hehe.

  5. What subjects were your favorite? Why? 你最喜欢的课程是什么, 为什么?

  回答示范: I like the subjects that include lots of experiments, for example, CAD and Circuit Design. I found that I can learn more quickly by doing experiments than only studying the theories. I guess it’s partly because I am good with my hands, and doing experiments gives me a chance to learn in a creative way.

  6. What subjects were your least favorite? Why? 你最不喜欢的课程是什么?为什么?

  回答示范: I found Macroeconomics and Microeconomics disappointing as well, for the reason that their information fell behind the times. For example, the exchange rate between RMB and USD stilled remained 8.3 : 1 in the text! You can imagine how disappointed we were. So I spent more time listening to the lectures on economics organized by the Student Union.

  7. The Other than the courses you studied, what is the most important thing you learned from your college experience? 除了学习方面, 你在大学里面最大的收获是什么?

  回答示范: My biggest achievement in my college life, I think, is that I have learnt to make choices. You know, there are various activities and part time jobs on campus, each sounds attractive. I’ve carefully chosen some of them which can help to achieve my long term career goal. I have said “no” to lots of invitations, like the dancing contests each year. I only participated in one of them and decided that rehearsals occupy too much time. In my opinion, nothing is more important than making the right choice.

  8. How did you finance your college education? 你大学的费用是怎么样支付的?(家里供还是自己打工?)

  回答示范: So far, my tuition and living expense are around 40,000 RMB. My parents offer two thirds of it and I pay the rest of it. I have been granted scholarship three times, making 5,000 RMB in total. Teaching and other part-time jobs made another 5,000.

  三、 Experience 关于工作经验的问题

  9. Would you briefly describe this company to me? 介绍一下你的原单位, 好吗?

  回答示范: “广盛发”, the name means “a big, prosperous company”, hehe, although it’s not really a very big company. But, it’s true that the company is quite prosperous. It specializes in exporting women’s shoes. With only 10 employees so far the turnover last year was up to 15,000,000 RMB. I am one of the three customer service officers, with the responsibility of order taking, tracking and general customer service roles. Due to the limited number of staff, we all work more than 10 hours a day, 7 days a week in busy season.

  10. Would you describe your typical working day? 请你描述一下自己典型的一天的工作吧。

  回答示范: Yes. I would arrive at office half an hour earlier as my boss often gives me a lot of work once he comes in, and I have to be ready for it. My responsibilities are mainly to assist the sales manager and representatives with order tracking, stock reporting, document preparation and translation, using Excel, Word and PowerPoint. When the reps are on a business trip, I will deal with their share. Two thirds of my work involves computers, working on tables and forms precisely and quickly. The rest of time is to take care of the managers and reps, you know, do what they need me to.

  11. Why do you want to leave your job? 你为什么要离职?

  回答示范: Mainly for the higher pay. I have been serving as an accountant for this joint venture for nearly 3 years and my salary increased from 1,800 to 2,300, a fair raise actually. In the last two performance evaluations, I got two Bs in a row. I can earn 3,000 only by becoming a director, which is almost impossible because the current one is stable and performs well; he is not likely to leave. But of course, I am not working only for money. Changing jobs is asking for trouble. I am doing so for my career. This position is similar to my current one, and the company is a quite large, suitable one for long-term development. So, here I am.

  12. Describe the employee you most enjoy working with. 你最喜欢和什么样的同事一起合作?

  回答示范: I enjoy working with positive-minded people who don’t complain too much. I find it uncomfortable to work with those who always complain. In my opinion, we either need to make improvements or accept the facts. Complaining is a total waste of time.

  13. What is an ideal boss like? 你最喜欢的老板是什么样子的?

  回答示范: Ideal boss? Well, I prefer strict bosses. Although working with strict bosses means a lot of pressure, I can grow fast with them. For new graduates, nothing is more important than developing our abilities as fast as we can.

  14. What were the best aspects of your last job? 在上一份工作中, 你最喜欢的是什么地方?

  回答示范: The best aspect of my job, well, is that I can learn a lot from others. As you can imagine Carrefour has a team of high-quality staff. When working with these people I can learn a lot, you know, their attitude to see things, the way they work.

  15. What were the worst aspects of your last job? 在上一份工作中, 你最讨厌的是什么地方?

  回答示范: I have to work six days a week in my current job. You know it’s against the Labor Law but it’s the normal practice in many factories in Dongguan. It would be quite alright for me to work on Saturday occasionally, but certainly not every Saturday.

  16. What were some of your achievements in your last job? 在上一份工作中, 你有哪些成就?

  回答示范: I increased sales approximately 100% in three years. Last year I personally sold 1.5 million Yuan worth of services and was ranked number 2 in the entire company among 14 sales reps.

  17. What were some of the disappointments in your last job? 在上一份工作中, 你比较失望的地方或者失败是什么?

  回答示范: I failed to achieve the sales target last year, I sold a million and a half but the target was two million. Our Beijing headquarters is having some problems and can’t provide effective pre-sales support for us. Failing to reach the target is a big disappointment for me.

  18. How would you evaluate the progress you made in your last job? 你是如何来评价自己在上一份工作中的表现?

  回答示范: I am very proud of the progress I made in my last job. I joined the company as a new hand, but after only a year and a half, I was promoted to team leader. I could achieve such a rapid progress partly because my last job was in a small firm. If I can make the same progress in a large company like GE, I would be prouder.

  19. What pressures did you have in your last job and how did you manage them? 你在工作中有什么压力, 你是怎么样应付的?

  回答示范: Well, I have to meet deadlines in my current job. Some projects have a very tight schedule, and even if we do a lot of over time work it’s still hard to meet the deadline. This gives me a lot of pressure. Usually I manage the pressure by communicating honestly with my boss. If he can understand me I feel relaxed.

  20. Sometimes a work assignment requires frequent travel. How do you feel about the prospect of frequent travel? 有时候工作需要你经常出差

  回答示范: I am very lucky that I can eat and sleep very well on trips. I’ve never been carsick, and even when sitting on a train I can sleep well. So, I never need to worry about frequent traveling.

  21. Most employees and bosses have some disagreements. How did you react to these disagreements in your last job?有 很多雇员都和老板有意见相左的时候, 在上一份工作中, 你是如何处理和老板意见不同的这样情况的?

  回答示范: When I have disagreements with my boss, my first reaction is to double-check my opinions. My boss is an expert and he’s been proven right most of the time. If I do believe I’m right or partially right, I provide my boss with a detailed report listing all facts and numbers to prove my opinion. Because my boss is extremely busy, I need to make the report simple but powerful, to help him make the decision.

  四、 Position and Company 关于所申请职位和公司的问题

  22. Why did you select this company? 你为什么要选择这间公司?

  回答示范: To be honest, it would be ideal for me, a fresh graduate who specializes in Accounting, to join any of the “big 4s”(四大会计师事务所) because each of the “big 4s” has its own advantages. However, I’m particularly interested in KPMG for a very sentimental reason. I was completely fascinated by your career talk! Compared with yours, the other three companies are a bit boring, hehe.

  23. Why did you decide to apply for this particular position? 你为什么要申请这份职位?

  回答示范: For the past three years I’ve been doing a similar job. Though my current boss has given me a raise twice I’m still not quite pleased with my salary, I believe you can understand 1,800 Yuan is not a very good pay. Now that I have this opportunity to get a higher pay, to work in a more well-known company, of course I would give it a try.

  24. Why do you think you’re qualified for this position? 你为什么觉的自己适合这个职位?

  回答示范: I studied your job ad and feel that I’m a good match. I have very good writing skills and computer proficiency, which are much needed in this job. Your ad mentions Excel and I am very confident about my Excel skills. Actually, I’ve brought some forms I’ve made in Excel in my last job, but the data are not real, because of confidentiality policy, you know.

  25. What about this position is especially attractive to you? 这份职位最吸引你的方是什么?

  回答示范: This position is especially attractive to me as it is offered by Huawei. I trust Huawei. I think my job will be more secure than working in smaller companies. You know, if I perform well, I think I can have a long term development here.

  26. What do you see in the position that is not attractive to you? 这份职位最不吸引你的地方是什么?

  回答示范: To be honest, I can’t see any at this moment. But I’m prepared for some disappointments when I start doing it, as each job has a dark side. So far I found only one small disappointment. There is no subway station nearby so I may have to take a bus every day. And I have to be more careful with my wallet and mobile phone, you know, pick pockets, hehe.

  27. Tell me what you know about our company. 说说你对这间公司的了解吧。

  回答示范: What I know about Kimberly(注释: 金佰利) is partly from the Internet and newspaper, and partly from my own experience of using Kimberly products. I am a loyal customer of Kleenex, and I sometimes choose Kotex. Well, the new product, I don’t know the English name, the fragrant tissue, is really my favorite. It’s a bit expensive, but I can’t resist it!

  五、 Self-evaluation 关于自我评价的问题

  28. How does your mother describe you? 你的母亲认为你是个怎样的人?

  回答示范: Well, it’s an interesting question. It reminds me of a Chinese saying, the best child is your own child, and the best wife are others’ wives. It means a man or woman is always satisfied with his/her own child, but not with the spouse, hehe. My mother is just like this. She tells everybody that I am hard working, more hard working than I should be. She says I am trustworthy and independent, never giving her troubles. You know, she sent me to boarding school at 14.

  29. What do you consider your strengths as an employee? 作为一名公司职员, 你觉的自己有什么优点?

  回答示范: I have good time management skills. As an assistant I often have several things in my hands at the same time so I have to manage my time well to work effectively. I paste a very big Monthly Schedule on the walls at the office and at home, adding arrangements like sales meetings or friends’ birthday parties anytime they are scheduled. So I am very organized both at work and in personal life, never missing important events and deadlines.

  30. What do you see as your weaknesses as an employee? 作为一名公司职员, 你觉的自己有什么缺点?

  回答示范: I am not a great public speaker. When speaking in public I feel uncomfortable unless the topic is familiar. So I have to be well prepared before giving a presentation. As a matter of fact, I did lots of preparations for our interview today!

  31. What factors in a work situation motivate you? 工作中有哪些因素能够激励你?

  回答示范: There are many, hehe, I’m easily motivated. Money; of course; is a key motivator. The sense of achievement also motivates me a lot, say, winning honors, being praised by boss, clients and colleagues. In addition, pressure can provide motivation for me, too.

  六、 关于职业目标的问题

  32. Where do you see yourself being in your profession in five years? Why did you establish these goals? 你的五年职业目标是什么?你为什么会确定这样的职业目标?

  回答示范: Well, I hope I can be a brand manager in five years or so. Launching and managing a brand, introducing it to as many customers as possible, in my opinion, will bring me great job satisfaction.

  33. What will you do to achieve your career goals? 为达到职业目标你会做什么?

  回答示范: My long term career goal requires a wide range of skills. What I’ll do is to keep improving myself, at work and through self-training outside work. As a matter of fact, I’ve already started. I’ve enrolled in a two-month English training program in New Oriental because I know English is important for my job.

  34. What are your salary expectations for this position? Starting salary? Salary in five years? 你期望的薪资是多少?你希望五年以后你的薪资是多少?

  回答示范: I expect to have a salary between 4,000 and 5,000 as this is the average salary the students of our school can get. But we can negotiate that. As a new graduate I care about career development opportunities more than the starting salary. As to the salary in five years, frankly speaking, I haven’t even thought about it. The more the better, but of course, it depends on what I can do for the company.

  七、 Questions 请提问

  35. What questions do you have for me? 你有什么问题要问我的吗?

  回答示范1: My question may sound a bit stupid, but I really want to know, do you prefer to hire male sales reps more than females? You know it’s true in many other companies. I am a bit concerned about this you know because I really want this job.