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  D: Good morning. Nice to meet you 早上好 ,见到你很高兴

  B : Good morning. Nice to meet you too 早上好,见到你也很高兴。

  E :would you please tell me your education background?请你告诉我你的教育背景?

  D : OK My name is xu zhen. I graduated from the Wuhan Engineering Institute. I majored in computer networks. 我叫XX,我毕业于武汉工程职业技术学院。我的专业是计算机网络。

  A; What have you learned in college? What’s the meaning do you think of in university ? 在大学你学到了什么?

  D: In school, I not only learned expertise by participating in the activities of a number of associations and students also taught me a lot. I learned courage to try, learn to stick to their dreams.在学校,我不仅学到了专业知识,通过参加一些社团和学生会的活动也让我学会了很多。我学会了勇敢去尝试,学会了坚持自己的梦想。

  B:yes.College students need to have a dream.

  B: Do you take part in volunteer activities? 你参加过义务活动吗?

  D : Young Volunteers Association went with nursing homes, care for the elderly跟青年志愿者协会一起去养老院,照顾老人

  B :What is your greatest strength?What is your greatest strength? 你最大的优点是什么?

  D : I am a person to do things all out. Once you have identified a goal, I would spend all their strength, and very serious endeavor! Even failed not regret it. I am not afraid to fail. Because I believe that as long as I...我是一个做事全力以赴的人。一旦确定了一个目标, 我会用上自己全部的力量, 并且很认真的尽力! 就算失败了也不后悔了.我不怕失败.因为我相信只要我坚持就一定会成功.

  E: Do you have relevant work experience do? 你有相关的工作经验吗?

  D: worked part-time university course, played summer vacation summer work. I do Officer in the Student Union


  B :Go back and wait for us notice. We will inform your interview result next weekend.


  D : thanks see you 谢谢 再见

  ABE: see you 再见


  AB------------interviewer C D E-------------------candidate

  C: 敲门

  C : Can I come in?

  E : Ok. please come in

  C : Hello, nice to meet you. 你好,很高兴见到你们。

  A : nice to meet you. Too 我也很高兴见到你。

  A: Your name is liumiaomiao? Really nice name! 你叫XX吗?蛮好听的名字哦

  C: thank you 谢谢

  B. I've seen your resume, I would like to learn more about your situation. First, you can simply talk about yourself?我看过你的简历,我想更多了解你的情况。首先你能简单谈一下你自己吗?

  C: Thank you for your concern for me, I am 20 years old, Wuhan Engineering Institute graduates. I majored in computer networks.I want to apply for your flange, water treatment equipment co., LTD., the job of a network engineer谢谢你对我的关注,我今年20岁,是武汉工程职业技术学院的毕业生。我的专业是计算机网络。我想应聘的是你们法兰尼净水器设备有限公司网络工程师这一职位

  E: Do you think you are qualified for this job


  C: Of course, I believe that with my efforts and enthusiasm for work will do it best


  A : In college you attended any events yet? What did you learn?


  C : At the school. I attended the English Association and the Students' Union. Also a class group secretary.In them. I learned to be strong and stick在学校。我参加了英语协会和学生会。也是班上的团支书。在其中。让我学会了坚强和坚持。

  B : Why did you come to apply for this job? 你为什么来应聘这个工作?

  D: I applied because I believe they can contribute to the company, I have much experience in this field, but enthusiasm is high. And my ability to adapt convinced me that I could bring a new level responsibilities. " 我来应聘是因为我相信自己能为公司作出贡献,我在这个领域的经验不多,但是热情很高。而且我的适应能力使我确信我能把职责带上一个新的台阶”。

  A : What is your greatest strengths and weaknesses ?你最大的长处和弱点分别是什么?

  C : From the strengths, I believe that my biggest advantage is that I have a highly rational mind, to sort out the clue from chaos to. My biggest weakness is that for people who do not have a sense of order, may lack enough patience. I believe my organizational skills can help companies achieve goals more quickly. 从长处来说,我相信我最大的优点是我有一个高度理性的头脑,能够从混乱中整理出头绪来。我最大的弱点是,对那些没有秩序感的人,可能缺乏足够的耐心。我相信我的组织才能可以帮助企业更快地实现目标。

  A: A rational organization ability shows that you have a clear mind and a certain ability to work, if you are hired, the characteristics of u please, we will find you more idiosyncratic


  C :Thank you, I sure will

  E: So .What work experience do you have? 你有什么工作经验吗?

  C: I did part-time summer vacation. Usually did the weekend promotion. Last year, a few months internship in IT companies寒暑假我做过兼职。平时双休也做过促销。去年在IT公司实习过几个月

  B :We will give you an answer as soon as possible. 我们将尽快给你答复

  C : Good thank you, goodbye 好的 谢谢,再见

  ABE: goodbye 再见

  A :

  The girl's whole condition is good, can consider more.这个女生整体看来还不错,可以多考虑一下

  B: Well, really good, let's look at a


  A : ok 好的












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