Lin Fei’s daily life初中英语教师资格面试教案

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  Teaching Aims:

  Knowledge aim: Students will know Lin Fei’s daily life and some good habits at their home.

  Ability aim: Students will improve their listening and speaking skills.

  Emotional aim: After this lesson students would like to learn to arrange their life and form good habit in the daily life.

  Teaching Key Points:

  Students will understand this passage by listening and make a time line of Lin Fei’s life. Teaching Difficult Points:

  How to describe their own life style of the school day?

  Teaching Procedures:

  Step 1 Warming-up

  Do a survey: ask students to fill the questionnaire (with different daily activities and time point, students just need to mark the activities in their time) and invite some students to share.

  Step 2 Pre-listening

  Show some pictures about Lin Fei’s day and ask students “what does Lin Fei do in a day?

  Step 3 While-listening

  Play the tape recorder and ask students some question.

  Q: What is the distance between his school and home?

  Play the tape recorder another time and give students some other questions to practice their listening again.

  Q1: When should Lin Fei go to school?

  Q2: How long will it take Lin Fei to ride to the bus station?

  Listen to the tape for the third time and then students should describe Lin Fei’s daily life in their own words. They will have 3 mins to prepare it.

  Step 4 Post-listening

  Ask students to look their questionnaires which they filled at the beginning of the class and give them 5 min to make a short story of their daily life, later some students will share the stories in front of the class.

  Teacher should give them a guidance of health life style.

  Step 5 Summary and homework

  Summarize this lesson with students, and then ask them to design a new schedule of their daily life after the class, they will share during next lesson, they also need to read the new passage two times to consolidate the new knowledge.

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