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  A: What got you interested in working for a travel agency?


  B: Well, that’s a long story, actually. Ever since I was little, I’ve been interested in foreign countries, especially their literature and culture. I majored in English in college so that I’d be able to understand those cultures better. I’m especially interested in the United States. Are you American?

  B:嗯,其实说来话长,我从小就对外国感兴 趣,尤其是他们的文学和文化。我大学 主修英文;所以比较能够了解那些文化。 我特别对美国感兴趣,你是美国人吗?

  A: No. I’m Canadian, actually.


  B: Oh, sorry. I think I just put my foot in my mouth!


  A: Oh, that’s all right. I'm getting used to it.


  B: Well, anyway, excuse me for getting off the subject. As I said, I’m very interested in foreign countries,especially the West, and so when I began thinking a-bout getting a job, a travel agency seemed the logical choice. I’d like to be an overseas tour guide, actually.

  B:那么,无论如何原谅我跑题。我说过我 对外国很感兴趣,尤其是西方国家。所 以当我开始考虑找工作时,旅行社就似 乎是个合理的选择。事实上我想当海外导游。

  A: There’s a good chance of that If you go to work for this company. Not right a-way, of course, but in a few years, after people learn something about the way the business runs, a lot of them go overseas with a group, or go beforehand to set up hotel arrangements and such.

  A:如果你为这个公司工作就会有好机会。 当然不是马上,而是过几年,等你们对营 业情况掌握一些以后,很多人就会和旅 行团到国外去,或是先去订旅馆等等。

  B: That would be interesting. I’d like to be a good tour guide, and help people really enjoy their trips.

  B:那一定很有意思,我想当一个好导游,帮 人家真正享受旅游。

  A: Ah, that’s Mr. Guo. He is ready to give you your Chinese interview. His room is two doors down and to the right. I’ve enjoyed talking with you.

  A:喔,那是郭先生,他准备和你用中文面 谈。他的房间在继续向前的右手边第二 间。和你谈话很愉快。

  B: Thank you very much.


  A: Thank you for coming.



  A: Hi! Are you Mr. Kamsay? This is my business card. I’m Dalton’s friend.


  B: Oh, you’re Miss Yu.


  A: Daphne! Call me Daphne, please.


  B: OK. Daphne, what can I do for you?


  A: Dalton told me that you’re looking for a translator, so I came for a try.

  A:道尔顿告诉我,你们正在招聘翻译人员, 所以我来试试看。

  B: I see. Do you realize that most of our work is completed at night?

  B:原来如此,你知不知道我们大部分都在 晚上工作?

  A: Yes, I do. Work starts at 7 p. m. and goes to la. m.


  B: Exactly. Do you have to work in the daytime?


  A: Yes, I work with a translation company as both a translator and an editor. I have to translate every documents I receive and I've been there for two years.

  A:是的,我在一家翻译社担任翻译兼编辑 员。我必须为所有收到的文件做翻译, 而且我已经在那里工作两年了。

  B: So, how are your Chinese and English?


  A: Well, I can confidently say that my Chinese and English are pretty good. I won prizes in speech competitions and composition contests several times in both Chinese and English.

  A:嗯,我可以很自信地说,我的中英文都非 常不错。我曾经在中英文的演讲竞赛及 写作比赛中获奖。

  B: But, we’ll still have a test of both your language skills and work efficiency.

  B:但是,我们还是得测验一下你的语言能 力和工作效率。

  A: All right. Well, Mr. Kamsay, may I ask one thing?

  A:好的。卡姆齐先生,我可不可以问你一 个问题?

  B: Sure, go ahead.


  A: If I work here, do I get any holidays?


  B: No, no holidays.


  A: Not any?


  B: Not any. We work on Sundays, on national holidays, and on New Year. If you think after a full day’s work at the translation company, you’ll still have enough energy to work here and keep your thinking clear, you can consider working with us. If not, you’d better reconsider.

  B:完全没有。我们每个星期天、固定假曰 和新年都要上班。如果你觉得自己经过 白天整天的工作以后,还有足够的精力 应付这里的工作,同时还保持清晰思考, 那你可以考虑来这里上班。假如不是, 你最好再重新考虑考虑。

  A: Thank you for the advice. If I get tired, I’il consider quitting my job at the translation company.

  A:谢谢您的忠告。假如工作累了,我会考 虑辞去翻译社的工作。

  B: Well, Daphne, we’ll let you know our decision soon. Please go to the office next door. There’ll be other people to tell you how to take the test. Good luck.

  B:那么,黛芬妮,我们会尽快让你知道我们 的决定。请到隔壁办公室。那里有其他 人会告诉你怎么做测验。祝你好运。

  A: Thank you, Mr. Kamsay. Goodbye.


  B: Goodbye.



  A: What kind of job are you interested in?


  B: I hope for a job in which I can use English. I would also like to be able to have some responsibility in my job.

  B:我想找一份能用英文的工作。也希望在 工作中负有一定的责任。

  A: From reading over your resume, I assume your English is quite good. Have you had any experience in the writing field?

  A:读了你的履历,我想你的英文一定相当 不错。你在写作方面有没有什么经验?

  B: I worked as English secretary for about two years. English writing is the thing a secretary will often do, you know.

  B:我做过两年英文秘书,你知道英文写作 是英文秘书常做的事。

  A: Why do you want to change your job and apply for an interpreter?


  B: I think this job is more challenging. In fact, becoming a capable English interpreter is just my dream. That’s the reason for my standing here to have an interview.

  B:我认为口译工作更有挑战性。实际上, 当一位称职的英文口译正是我的梦想, 这就是我站在这儿面试的原因。

  A: How would you consider your salary if you succeed in becoming an interpreter in our company?

  A:如果你成功地应聘上我公司的口译人 员,你会怎样考虑薪水问题?

  B: I believe every company has its own salary criterion system. And you will give me a satisfying salary according to my abilities and performances.

  B:我相信每一个公司都有自己的工资标 准,你们会根据我的能力和表现而给出 令人满意的薪金的。

  A: You’re right. We work a five-day week and there is rarely any overtime. The salary would be 3,000 yuan to start and raises would be given according to your ability.

  A:你说得对。我们每周工作5天,很少加 班,起薪3000元,会根据你的能力来加薪。