时间:2018-03-03 英语面试 我要投稿


i: i know in your resume that you have worked in your present company for 3 years, can you tell me why you want to leave your present job and join us?

i: 从你的简历中,我知道你已经在现在这个公司工作3年了,能告诉我为什么你想辞去现在这个工作来我们公司吗?

a: because the job i am doing in my present company is of no challenge, but i like challenge.your firm is a young organisation with many innovative ideas. it has been very successful in an expanding market since its establishment 10 years ago. working for you would be exactly the sort of challenge i am looking for.

a: 我离开这个公司是因为现在这个工作没有挑战性,但我喜欢挑战。贵公司是一家具有创新精神的年轻公司,自创建10年以来,在市场拓展方面取得了巨大的成功。能为你们工作,正是我所追求的那种挑战。

i: why do you think you are qualified for this position?

i: 为什么你认为你能胜任我们公司这个职位呢?

a: i have excellent communication skills and i am familiar with the procedures for the last company i worked for. besides, i am a team player and have great interpersonal skills.

a: 我的人际交往能力很强。在我工作的上个公司,我熟练掌握了工作流程,而且我具有团队精神和出色的人际关系技能。