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  1 it’s just my cup of tea(正合我的口味,指人,事等)

  2 Take it easy. easy dose it。(慢慢来,别着急)

  3 Do as i said(照我的意思做)

  4 Let’s roll up our sleeves。(大家一起干吧,有时候指大家一起拼搏)

  5 Put it in my hands。(交给我好了。有时候指帮助别人做一些琐碎的小事)

  6 。 now in season。(正是吃。..的好季节,比如一些刚刚换季的水果)

  7 Let’s grab a bite to eat(让我们赶紧吃点东西吧,一般指时间很紧张)

  8 This food is out of the world(此食只应天上有,人间哪得几回吃)

  9 What a bummer!(太扫兴了,也指对一些事情期望过高但事实上并没有达到预期的效果)

  10 First things first (先做要紧的事,很多场合都很适用)

  11 Never trouble trouble until trouble troubles you。(不要杞人忧天)

  12 Did you get the picture(你明白了没有?适用于给某人讲解一些东西后问其是否理解)

  13 Be back in.。.minutes!(必须在。..分钟内回来!命令的口吻。通常是指领队人对队员说的话)

  14 Time is running out。(没时间了)

  15 Great minds think alike. (英雄所见略同)

  16 Get going!(赶快动身吧!用在开始行动时)

  17 We’ve got to hit the road。(我们要赶快了,hit the road表现出紧急,很形象)

  18 I can’t place his face。(碰见某人和你打招呼而你不记得他是谁的时候,可以用这个句子)

  19 Once bitten , twice shy(一朝被蛇咬,十年怕井绳)

  20 I’m exhausted。(筋疲力尽,形容非常疲惫)


  针对personal data

  1. What’s your name?

  2. May I have your name, please?

  3. Are you Mr./Miss?

  4. What’s your surname?

  5. What is you family name?

  6. What’s your full name?

  7. How do you spell your last name?

  8. Please give me your name.

  9. May I ask your name?

  10. I believe you’re Mr.…., aren’t you?

  11. Your name, please.

  12. How do you do, and you are…?

  13. Miss... , I presume.

  14. Would you give me your name?