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  1 人生就像一场舞会,教会你最初舞步的人却未必能陪你走到散场。

  "Life is like a dance, original dance man teach you may not be able to accompany you come to finish. "

  2 美丽属于自信者,从容属于有备者,奇迹属于执着者,成功属于顽强者。

  "Who are confident beautiful, calm those who are well prepared, miracles are persistent person, success belongs to those who tenaciously. "

  3 作家当然必须挣钱才能生活,写作,但是他决不应该为了挣钱而生活,写作。——马克思

  "Of course, the writer must earn money in order to live, writing, but he should never live to make money writing. - Marx "

  4 过去属于死神,未来属于你自己。——雪莱

  "Past is death, the future belongs to you. - Shelley "

  5 人生只有必然,没有偶然。

  "Life is only inevitable, there is no chance. "

  6 冬天已经到来,春天还会远吗?——雪莱

  "Winter has come, can spring be far behind? - Shelley "

  7 人生就像奕棋,一步失误,全盘皆输。——弗洛伊德

  "Life is like a game of chess, step by mistake, all bets are off. - Sigmund Freud "

  8 人生就像钟摆,晃动在痛苦和无聊之间,其动力便是欲望。

  "Life is like a pendulum, shaking between pain and boredom, its power is desire. Selected from: Motto "

  9 蔚蓝的天空虽然是美丽,经常风云莫测的人切是起落无从。但他往往会成为风云人物,因为他经得起大风大浪的考验。——方海权

  "Although the blue sky is beautiful, often unpredictable situation of people cut is landing impossible. But he tends to become a man, because he can stand the test of storms. - Fang Sea Power "

  10 人间没有永恒的夜晚,世界没有永恒的冬天。——艾青

  "Room no eternal night, the world is no eternal winter. - Ai Qing "


  11 人生最终的价值在于觉醒和思考的能力,而不只在于生存。——亚里士多德

  "The final value of life lies in the awakening and the ability to think, not only is survival. - Aristotle "

  12 人生就是场经营,有人经营感情,有人经营利益,有人经营幸福,而有人经营阴谋。

  "Life is a field operation, it was their emotional, some business interests, it was operating well, but it was business conspiracy. "

  13 你在公交车上看到骑自行车的人在寒风中拼命蹬车不由庆幸,骑自行车的人看到在公交车上挤成沙丁罐头的你不由窃喜,原来短处都是从别人身上发现的。

  "You see cyclists pedaling hard in the cold not help Fortunately, cyclists swarmed the bus to see you could not help chuckle canned sardines in the bus, the original weaknesses are found from others the. "

  14 孤独和勇敢是探路者的游戏。——冯宇学

  Lonely and brave Pathfinder game. - Feng Yu learn

  15 心作良田耕不尽,善为至宝用无穷。我们应有纯洁的心灵,去积善为大众。就会获福无边。——方海权

  "Geng not as fertile mind, good for treasure with endless. We should have purity of heart, to be charitable for the public. It will be a blessing boundless. - Fang Sea Power "

  16 "人的生命是有限的,可是,为人民服务是无限的,我要把有限的生命,投入到无限为人民服务之中去。——雷锋"

  "Human life is limited, however, to serve the people is unlimited, I want a limited life, serving the people go into the infinite. - Lei Feng "

  17 要不断提高自身的能力,才能益己及他。有能力办实事才不会毕竟空谈何益。故事的结束总是满载而归,就是金榜题名。——方海权

  "To continuously improve their ability to beneficially own and him. It will not have the ability to do practical things, after all, talk about what benefits. End of the story is always a rewarding experience, is pass the examination. - Fang Sea Power "

  18 人生是伟大的宝藏,我晓得从这个宝藏里选取最珍贵的珠宝。

  "Life is a great treasure, and I know to select the most precious jewels from the treasure inside. "

  19 不受天磨非好汉,不遭人妒是庸才。

  "From day wear non-hero, not being jealous is mediocrity. "

  20 炫耀什么,缺少什么;掩饰什么,自卑什么。所谓正常人,只是自我防御比较好的人。真正的心理健康,是不设防而又不受害。

  "To show off what he needed anything; hide anything, what self-esteem. The so-called normal people, good people just self-defense. The real mental health, is defenseless without victimization. "

  21 不要乱说话。话说出去之前你还是话的主人,话说出去之后你就成了话的奴隶。

  "Do not talk nonsense. Before or after saying the words out of your master, saying the words out you become a slave. "

  22 学习必须如蜜蜂一样,采过许多花,这才能酿出蜜来。——鲁迅

  "Learning must be such as bees, taken too many flowers, which can spawn honey come. - Lu Xun "

  23 "路是脚踏出来的,历史是人写出来的,人的每一步行动都在书写自己的历史。——吉鸿昌"

  "Lu is a foot out, history is written out, people every step of the action in writing their own history. - Ji Hongchang "

  24 人生只有经历酸甜苦辣,才懂得人间的味道,因此也必须学会珍惜人生和珍惜感情。——方海权

  "Only experienced ups and downs in life, and understand the world of taste, and therefore must learn to cherish life and to cherish feelings. - Fang Sea Power "

  25 以智慧时时修正偏差,以慈悲处处给人方便。

  Amended from time to time with wisdom deviation compassion people everywhere convenience.

  26 给人幸福的不是身体上的好处,也不是财富,而是正直和谨慎。——德谟可利特

  "Giving happiness benefits not physically, nor wealth, but integrity and caution. - Democritus to Split "

  27 "生活真象这杯浓酒,不经三番五次的提炼呵,就不会这样一来可口!——郭小川"

  "Living the truth of strong drink this cup, without repeatedly refining Oh, would not this way delicious! - Guo Xiaochuan "

  28 人生有两出悲剧:一是万念俱灰,另一是踌躇满志。——萧伯纳

  "There are two tragedies in life: one is despair, and the other is smug. - George Bernard Shaw "

  29 成功的人总是愿意做没成功的人不愿意做的事。

  Successful people are always willing to do successful people did not want to do.

  30 人的价值是由自己决定的。——卢梭

  Person's value is determined by its own. - Rousseau

  31 人生如坐公交车,有的人很从容,可以欣赏窗外的景色;有的人很窘迫,总处于推搡和拥挤之中。

  "Life is like a bus, and some people are very calm, you can enjoy the scenery outside the window; Some people are very embarrassed, the total is being pushed and crowded. "

  32 人生天地之间,若白驹之过隙,忽然而已。——庄周

  "Life between heaven and earth, if Baiju gap, suddenly it. - Zhuang "

  33 人生就像一场戏,演好自己的角色才是戏成功的关键。

  "Life is like a drama, play their own role in the play is the key to success. "

  34 有财富的人追求优裕的生活,有智慧的人追求优质的生活。

  "There are people who pursue wealth gracious living, intelligent people to pursue quality of life. "

  35 一切事无法追求完美,唯有追求尽力而为。这样心无压力,出来的结果反而会更好。——方海权

  "All things that can not be the pursuit of perfection, only the pursuit of best. So with no pressure, the results come out of it will be better. - Fang Sea Power "

  36 奋斗是万物之父。——陶行知

  Struggle is the father of all things. - Tao

  37 君子坦荡荡,小人长戚戚。——孔丘

  Gentleman is open longer sad. - Confucius

  38 人在得意时须沉得住傲气;失意时则要忍得住火气。

  When people proud to be tolerant of arrogance; will have frustrated when we resist anger.

  39 我们总是对陌生人太客气,而对亲密的人太苛刻。

  "We are always too polite to strangers, but people are too harsh for intimacy. "

  40 燧石受到的敲打越厉害,发出的光就越灿烂。——卢梭

  "Flint by beating the more powerful, more brilliant light emitted. - Rousseau "