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  everyone!Now I want to talk about a beatiful world!

  When I was young,I always dreamed that I lived in a beautiful country. There were many flowers and trees around our city.We counld hear the birds singing and see the children dancing. The streets were clear and the the air was very fresh! How nice it was!But that only was a dream of mine!How I wish that it would be come true! So I think we should do something to protect our environment. Everyone should make a contribution to protect the environment.

  Taking care of our environment is very important.Wherever you live,you can do something around your neighbourhood.

  Have you ever thrown any litter onto the ground?Have you ever drawn pictures on public walls?Have you ever spat in a public place?Have you ever cut down trees?If your answers are "No",it means that you have already helped protect our environment.

  It is our duty to keep our envionment clean and tidy. You might ask yourself,"Have I ever picked up some rubbish and thrown it into a dustbin?Have I ever collected waste paper or bottles for recycling?Have I ever planted any trees or flowers in or near my neighbourhood?"If your answers are"Yes",it means that you have already done something useful to improve the environment.

  Now I want to say :Let's do our best to make our world more beautiful!


  The world we live in is becoming more and more intolerable because of environmental destruction. For example , forest destruction results in decrease of planting land and unpleasant weather. In addition, man is faced with problems of water pollution and air pollution.

  A lot of measures have been taken. Planting trees helps improve and beautify the environment. Besides, laws concerning environmental protection have been put into effect and achieved good results.

  However, the problem of environmental protection remains far from being solved. On the one hand, the environment pollution and destruction are getting worse and worse in the modern world. On the other hand, the lack of knowledge about the importance of protecting environment hinders the solving of the problem. In a word, there is a long way to go before we enjoy a clean and comfortable world.





  Honorable judges, ladies and gentlemen. Today,we are gathering here to discuss a very hot issue. how to find harmony in a new age between man and nature? Where modern science and technology are concerned I am only a layman I have to say. However, living in this "new age" , seeing my dear ones suffering from respiratory diseases from time to time, finding the beautiful colors of green and blue are being replaced by that of gray and pale, and realizing that our mother planet is getting more and more unhealthy; I can't help trying to offer my idea and my trivial efforts to look for the answer of the question.


  As the ancient Greek oracle goes: know thyself. I think in answering this above-mentioned question, this precondition is also very important.


  Who are we? This is a question, which should be answered not only by those specialists, but also by every one of human beings.


  Some people may proudly say: we are the masters of nature. It is true that the idea of "man can conquer nature" has dominated people's mind for years, and it is true, man has kept acting like a master and doing whatever things he wants for thousands of years. However, as the consequence of this kind of "leadership" , now the "master" seems to be confronted with problems that are far beyond his control. Facts are really very ample. The

  green house effect leaves islands and cities along the coast, such as this oriental pearl-Shanghai, in danger of the disaster of being drowned; the holes of the ozone layer make the earth less suitable to live for some creatures including human beings; the phenomena of EL Nino and La Nina leave the land with serious flood and drought, and the diseases, caused by pollution, are increasing at an incredible speed... Seeing all these facts, can we still ignore the counterattack of nature? We are not the masters of nature. Facing all the disasters made by ourselves, we, mankind as a whole should realize that we are just a normal member of the big family of nature. Any mistreatment towards nature will meet only with the revenge from her.


  By saying so, I do not mean we should give a sudden stop to any development. Because that will result in a threat to the existence of human society. I mean we should treat nature equally, leaving the chance of existence and development to nature as we are obtaining the same thing, and thus we will get the situation of win-win.


  I am very pleased to find that now more and more people, from every corner of the planet, have come to realize that harmony with nature is the only way to universal and continuous progress and prosperity. And I think that is why we come here from all over the country to discuss this topic today.

  I want to end my speech by quoting from Mr. Nixon. "Our destiny offers, not the cup of despair, but the chalice of opportunity." The future is not ours to see of course. However, by seizing firmly the opportunities, by knowing clearly about ourselves, we, human beings, can doubtlessly achieve the real harmony with nature!

  Thank you.




  Now more and more people are focusing on the nature. It is no doubt that the nature is important to every human being. No nature, no life. Because of the supplies of the nature, we have lived happily for a long time. And we started to gain every thing available from the nature. And this lasted so long a time. Today, people have discovered that the nature around is getting worse and worse. What is threatening the nature? Air and water pollution, overharvesting of plant and animal species, overpopulation and so on. Overpopulation is the biggest source of pollution. Let's take overpopulation as an example. What does overpopulation feel like? When we move slowly through the city in a tazi. When we enter a crowded slum district. When the temperature is high and when the air is thick with dust and smoke. The streets are crowded with people. The streets seem alive with people. People eating. People washing.

  Improving Beijing's environment for the Olympics Ladies and gentlemen: Good morning! Today, the title of my speech is Improving Beijing's environment for the Olympics. Have you ever seen animals cry? Do you know what makes them cry? It's the polluted world, a dirty world, caused by our irresponsible behaviors, that makes those lovely animals cry. Many of us are smart enough to know how terrible it is to have a world without animals and plants. But some people still persist in making the same errors and harming the environment. What's worse is that people are eating wild animals. Those people don't know, and more importantly, they don't want to know. This kind of behavior has caused some specific problems. For example, medical experts have suggested that eating wild animals helped spread the terrible disease SARS. Now, our world is no longer clean and beautiful. Why? Because air, water, and noise pollution has become more and more serious. Noise pollution makes us talk more loudly and become angry more easily. Water pollution makes our rivers and lakes very dirty. Air pollution is the most serious kind of pollution. Both air pollution and water pollution are not only dangerous to our health, but also dangerous to animals and plants. We're destroying our only world. A large number of trees have been cut down, so a lot of lands have been turned into deserts. Pollution can be seen everywhere! Unquestionably it is essential that we clean up our environment. Sadly, we've not always appreciated the importance of protecting the environment. On the streets, you can see cars producing smog. In the bathrooms, you can see students leaving the water tap on after using them. Not only the young people, but also the elderly ones throw things everywhere without thinking it's wrong, even in a beautiful park. these things are taking place every day, even in modern cities like Beijing. We can't do that any more. We must learn how to protect the environment. If everyone is aware of protecting it instead of destroying it, the world can become cleaner, more beautiful, and more peaceful. The theme of Beijing 2008 Olympic Games is "New Peking, New Olympic". It's the target owned by every Chinese. We should try our best to improve Beijing's environment for Olympics. , let's begin to act! First, start with the things around you. Don't throw rubbish onto the road. Don't talk loudly when you are outdoors. Turn off the water tap after using it. Go to school by bike or by bus instead of by private car. Save your pocket money and contribute to environmental protection organizations. Take me as an example, I take action in order to make our only world full of happiness. I pick up rubbish and throw it into a trashcan. I collect waste paper or bottles for recycling. I plant more trees and flowers, and so on. If you do all these things just like me, it means you have done something useful to improve the environment. We're grateful, because the emblem of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games is a precious treasure dedicated to the Olympic Movement by the people of China. Under the guidance of the Olympic spirit, let us do a better job in all fields of our preparation and venue construction work in an efficient way. We will combine the Olympic Movement with the latest technology and advanced culture to make the Beijing Games the best Olympic Games ever! Welcome to Beijing! Thank you.

  绿色北京 绿色奥运 你我同行 你可曾见到过动物哭泣?你可曾知道它们为什么哭泣?正是因为我们不负责任的行为,让世界变得肮脏,让这些可爱的动物们哭泣不止。我们清楚的知道,如果没有了动物和植物,我们的世界将会变得多么死寂,多么灰暗但是有些人仍然固执的犯着同样的错误??破坏环境,执迷不悟! 更糟糕的是,人们热衷于品尝野生动物。食用野生动物的人不知道,更不会想知道,正是这种行为导致了很多特殊问题的出现。例如:医学家已经证实,举世瞩目的SARS疾病,正是由于食用野生动物传播的。 如今,我们的世界已经不再整洁,不再美丽。为什么呢? 因为空气,水和噪声等污染已经变得越来越严重了。噪声污染让我们的脾气变得极易暴躁;水污染让河流和湖泊不再清澈,大气污染让天空变得不再蔚蓝。环境污染,无处不在! 无疑,清洁我们的环境势在必行。然而可悲的是,许多人不能时刻领悟到保护环境的重要性。在街道上,你可以目睹汽车尾气四处弥漫;在洗手间,你可以目睹有人用后却不及时关闭水龙头;甚至是在环境优美的公园,有人随意的丢弃垃圾,但他们从来没有意识到这种行为是错的。 我们必须学会保护我们的环境。如果我们每个人都能伸出双手,那么我们的世界将会变得更整洁,更美丽,更和平。2008年奥运会的主题是"新北京,新奥运",这也正是我们每个人的目标。

  为了让我们的家园充满欢笑,我们必须立刻行动!从我做起,从今做起,从身边小事做起。如果你还在随意丢弃废弃物;如果你还在公共设施上随意刻画;如果你还在公共场所随地吐痰,那么请你赶快改正!我们每个人都应该为改善环境做出努力,让我们的家园变得像春天一样美丽! 2008年奥运会对我们来说,既是机遇,又是挑战。我们衷心希望2008年的北京能够,春风裁柳,碧如丝绦,红日东升,光辉灿烂;夏雨过后,绿叶晶莹,禾苗秀美,青松斜生;秋风习习,桂香飘飘,碧海蓝天,秋水潺潺;冬梅傲骨,众芳独暄,白雪纷飞,覆压枝头。 让我们沉醉于上苍所给予的美景,流连忘返;让我们迷恋于自然所散发的清香,沁人心脾。 让我们以奥运为契机,呼唤环境意识,聚焦环境保护,弘扬绿色文明,分享绿色体验! 让我们携手,共建美好家园! 绿色奥运,绿色北京,你我同行! 第二篇自己修改一下就好了,加油,祝你好运!