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  When I was five, my biological father committed suicide. It left me feeling as though I'd done something wrong; that if I had been better somehow, maybe he'd have stayed around. My mother remarried shortly thereafter, and this man was my dad until I was nineteen. I called him Dad and used his name all through school. But, when he and my mother divorced, he just walked away. Once again, I wondered what was wrong with me that I couldn't keep a father.

  Mother remarried again, and Bob was a wonderful, kind man. I was twenty now and no longer living at home, but I felt a great love and attachment for him. A few years later my mother was diagnosed with cancer and was not given long to live. Shortly before she died, Bob came over to my house alone one day. We talked about a lot of things, and then he told me that he wanted me to know that he'd always be there for me, even after Mother was gone. Then he asked if he could adopt me.

  I could hardly believe my ears. Tears streamed down my face. He wanted me - me! This man had no obligation to me, but he was reaching out from his heart, and I accepted. During the adoption proceedings, the judge commented on all the undesirable duties of his profession and then with a tear in his eye, thanked us for brightening his day as he pronounced us father and daughter. I was twenty-five, but I was his little girl.

  Three short years later, Bob, too, was diagnosed with cancer and was gone within the year. At first I was hurt and angry at God for taking this father away too. But eventually the love and acceptance that I felt from Dad came through again, and I became, once more, grateful for the years we had.

  On Father's Day I always reflect on what I've learned about fatherhood. I've learned that it is not dependent on biology or even on raising a child. Fatherhood is a matter of the heart. Bob's gift from the heart will warm my soul for eternity.


  Many years ago, a baby boy came into this world. But unfortunately, he didn't come with a cry, which was a big problem from the medical point of view. The doctor, tough and quick, turned the baby upside down and slapped his bottom sharply. The baby cried, and he survived. At that moment, the father yelled at the doctor, "Why did you hit my baby?" He did not realize that the doctor had saved the baby's life. The baby cried and cried, and the father smiled and silently cried as well. He held the baby in his arms and did not allow the doctor to touch the baby anymore...


  Contest chair, ladies and gentlemen, that baby was me, and that man was my dad. Whenever my mom told people this story, I would always laugh aloud, and my dad would just shake his head and smile quietly.


  Dad never tried to hug or kiss me when I was a child. And of course, he never said "I love you" to me, either. Maybe it's a Chinese cultural thing, or maybe that's the way my dad was. But whenever I felt defeated, sad or lonely, dad was always there. Dad was a man of few words, but I always liked to talk to him, and I could always feel a very special connection to him.


  As I got older, I had a huge crush on a girl. She was tall and beautiful, with long hair. One day, I walked up to her and blurted out, "you are so beautiful baby. I love you so much. Please be my wife!" She was afraid and ran away with tears in her eyes. She told my teacher, and my teacher was so angry that she made me stay after school, and called my dad to take me home. My first love was over, and that year I was 7 years old.


  On the way home, dad was very quiet. It seemed that nothing had happened. Finally I broke the silence and asked him, "Daddy, did I do something wrong?" Dad paused for a while as he always did and said quietly, "Son, you did nothing wrong, except that it's too early for you to pursue girls." "Daddy, do you think I could marry a tall and beautiful girl with long hair when I grow up?" I asked. Dad gave me one of his rare laughs and said, "Of course you could. You are so handsome! Just like your handsome father." For the first time, I realized that dad had a sense of humor, although he was always quiet.



  Today day is a memorable day, are the annual Father's Day!

  Deep sea motherly love, fatherly love heavy as a mountain. People at the same time to celebrate Mother's Day and did not forget his father's achievements. Someone start the year on the recommendation of Father's Day. Years, it is to celebrate the first Father's Day. At that time, the late father of all people have to wear a white rose, the father of the people alive while wearing red roses. This custom has been passed so far.

  It is said that the selection of Father's Day is a month over month because of the sun are the most heated one, a symbol of the father to give their children the love that hot. Paternal such as mountains, tall and lofty, let me look timid and afraid to climb Health; father such as days,and far-reaching, so that Yang and my heart did not dare pity; paternal great deep are pure and not return , but love is a bitter, difficult to understand depression and the unattainable.

  Father, like a tree, always, let him lush foliage of a solid arm for the tree to create shadeus. Years such as the fingers over the water, like, before I knew it, we have grown up, while the tree is gradually aging, and even the new leaves are no longer the hair full of vitality. Annually on the third Sunday is father's holiday, let us sincerely say: Father, I love you! Happy Father's Day!

  Now, the Certificate of Education Examination and the final exams approaching, I suggest that we should seize the time, study hard, with excellent results as to the father's gift, great father to return, I believe his father at that time are the most beautiful smile! Students, come on now! ! !






  who is using the arm of qiu jin, for us to put up a brilliant sky?

  who is using the hard-working hands, happy for us to build a home?

  are you, father, a great name but ordinary!

  father of a mountain, broad-minded, the father of rivers to accommodate an umbrella for us so that we stay away from disaster

  father of a vessel, carrying us, brave the wind and waves, love towards the harbor!

  in the eyes of his daughter, the father is more like you are leaning against a tree in spring can love you like fantasy ganlu drop, moisten with my heart;

  through the summer to enjoy your love, like bursts of breeze, the wind blowing softly beside him;

  taught me to become ripe autumn, your love is to me is that the rich fruits of success

  taught me to become a strong winter, you love the sun are continuously given me confidence and strength!

  spring, summer, autumn and winter, the sun traces of rotation time, quietly climbed up the wind and rain on your face honed, so that you vicissitudes

  not forget, you earnestly to teach the scene

  not forget, you sent her daughter to ride back to school is not to be forgotten, when the daughter of late in your sad eyes

  is not to be forgotten, when the sick daughter on your face can not forget the scenes of fear, the father and daughter is not to be forgotten ... ... if the situation can be life-cycle the next life, i also make your daughter!























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