An Application Letter

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An Application Letter

  Directions: Suppose you were Li Ming. You want to apply for a job as a personal secretary to the General Manager of a trading company. Write a letter to the Human Resources Department of the company . You should base your composition on the outline given in Chinese below.

  1. 简要介绍自己并说明应征该职位

  2. 告知公司为什么对此感兴趣

  3. 简述你为何是合适人选

  An Application Letter

Dear Sir or Madam,

  I am Li Ming, a would-be graduate from Ninjing University. My major is English. Through the job advertisement, I have learned that you are hunting a qualified individual for a personal secretary to the General Manager of your esteemed company. I am fully convinced that I am the right person for the job.

  I realize that my future boss is extremely busy. However, it is exactly the challenge of my prospective position that attracts me. I am sure that my honesty, carefulness,patience,expertise , commitment and extensive knowledge will produce an excellent job performance.

  Next month, I am going to graduate from the English Department of Nanjing University, and I have over two years of secretarial experience. I have enclosed the details of my academic record, skills, and language abilities. Thank you for your time in considering my application.

  Yours Sincerely,

  Li Ming


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