Biology lab experience resume

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Biology lab experience resume

If you work in a biology lab what experience should you include in your resume? This article should give you some ideas of the sort of experience that an employer is looking for on the resume of someone who works in a biology lab.

A biology lab resume should include the following experience:

  • The name of each of your employers and your job titles.
  • A brief description of what each employer does (if they are not well known).
  • The number of staff you manage.
  • Your planning, financial and budgetary responsibilities.
  • Research and Development (R&D) experience in the lab, including both original research and applied research for the development of new products.
  • Your analytical experience, detailing your testing and quality assurance experience.
  • Production experience, outlining how you have ensured that production processes are carried out efficiently and safely and to agreed quality and efficacy standards.
  • Marketing and sales support, including providing technical advice and support on products, liaising with customers and solving technical problems.
  • The major projects that you have worked on and whether you completed the projects on time and on budget (if you had budgetary responsibility).
  • New products, techniques, procedures, practices and processes that you have invented or developed.
  • How you have reduced costs / saved money in the lab and for the company in general.
  • How you have improved efficiency / productivity in the lab and for the company in general.
  • How you have increased / helped to increase revenues and profits in the lab (if relevant) and for the company in general.
  • Any other achievements that have benefited your employers.

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