Graphic Designer Cover Letter

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Graphic Designer Cover Letter

  Graphic Designer Cover Letter

  I came across your advertisement regarding the opening for a ‘Graphic Designer’ in your firm, and I would like to apply for it.

  I have recently completed my diploma in Visual communications from Phoenix College in California. I am currently doing my internship at ABC media as a graphic designer. I know about the reputation of your firm as being the best in this business, and would be thrilled to get an opportunity to work with such an outstanding group of designers.

  I have a good understanding of design principles and am adept at working with various kinds of shapes, spaces and rhythms. I also have a good sense of color co-ordination, texture and imagery. I am well-versed with using various design softwares such as Adobe CS Suite, CorelDraw Graphic Suite, AutoCAD and the latest 3D imaging softwares. While my university training gave me an insight into all areas of graphic designing, my internship at ABC media is helping me learn the implementation of all those techniques and processes.

  My work involves research around different projects, creating thumbnails and sketches, helping with the formal design and presentation, while ensuring all guidelines given by the client are met. I am also learning the nuances involved with finding the right visual solutions customized as per the clients' needs and demands.

  I am a fast-learner and enjoy working with creative minds. My communication skills are an added asset allowing me to interact effectively with clients, colleagues and managers. Attached with this letter is my resume with complete details about my qualifications and experience. I would appreciate an opportunity to meet you for a personal interview and to discuss how my skills can be a good fit for your organization.

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