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  J: I'm planning to go to graduate school, but I also want to find a job. Otherwise, I'll have nowhere to go if I fail the entrance exam.


  T: Do you have a clear career path to follow?

  J: career path? I'm not sure.

  T: what kind of job do you want after graduation?

  J: I want to become a professor, a lawyer, an editor, a civil servant...

  T: wait! You can't do so many things at the same time. What exactly do you want to do?

  J: I don't know. Do you have any advice for me?

  T: yeah,you should first decide what kind of career you really want, plan your career path, and then try your best to achieve your goal.

  J: I think perhaps I need to buy a few years while I figure out about my career.

  T: no, you can't waste your time wandering around. If you want a job that requires a higher degree or diploma, you should focus on your graduate school extrance exam;if you want a job that needs working experience, you should start job hunting and consider further studies at a later time.

  J: thank you so much for your advice. I'll think it over.


  S: yeah, you know what?I've been going to the club regularly. The training really pays off. Now I am in a good shape and I know more about how to keep fit.

  A: really? tell me about it. I haven't gone to the club for a long time. I am too busy with work.

  S: it's important to do proper exercises.

  A: you're right. Too much or too little won't do any good.

  S: the trainer tells me, besides regular sports activities, I should also have a healthy and balanced diet.

  A: sounds reasonable.

  S: we should eat more vegetables instead of junk food to stay energetic.

  A: and fruits!

  S: surely it is. Getting enough sleep is also crucial for fitness.

  A: I've heard that. Does your trainer tell you anything about keeping fit?

  S: yeah, he advises me to stay in a good mood. That can help one to keep sound physical health.

  A: I think if you follow your trainer's advice,you'll be on the right track.

  S: you bet it!


  A: Congratulations! This is your first interview ever.

  E: thank you, but I'm nervous.I don't know what to do.Could you tell me what should I do before an interview?

  A: sure, you should prepare so that you can give proper response when you're being interviewed.

  E: yeah, besides my personal introduction, what else should I prepare?

  A: you should collect as much informatin about the company and the position you're applying for as you can. It is important to show that you've done some research into the company. The interviewers will notice your enthusiasm for the vacancy.

  E: then what should I do when I'm being interviewed?

  A: smile at the interviewers and look them in their eyes while trying to persuade them to select you. Try to act natural, let your personality, attitudes and interpersonal skills shine through the interview.

  E: are there any other things I should pay attention to?

  A: yeah,wear formal clothes to your interview and do be punctual. That'll leave your interviewers with a good first impression.


  S: well, I am a little bit out of shape. I think I should get some exercise to keep fit. what kind of service do you offer?

  A: first of all, we'll tailor a work-out plan according to your physical conditions and your personal needs.

  S: how can you get that done?

  A: well,we give each of our customers a qualified personal trainer. The trainer will give you a fitmess asssessment and then come up with the work-out


  S: what else?

  A: since everyone is different, your personal trainer will help you find out all the exercise equipments that are suitable for youe fitness level. Then you'll

  be taught all the necessary techniques to use these equipments and achieve your goal.

  S: sounds pretty good. How much do you charge?

  A: that depends. We offer membership for one month, half a year and one year.

  S: perhaps one month. I'll just have a try at first.

  A: wise decision. that is 400 yuan. You'll find it's totally worth it.

  S: OK, I'll take it.


  A: I only started looking for a job a few days ago.

  E: have you finished compiling your resume?

  A: yes, I was precise with every word in my resume?

  E: that's good. Don't forget to design the format. An attractive fromat is as important as the content.

  A: absolutely,I've highlighted all my strengths and the resume is clear and easy to read.

  E: good. How about your cover letter?

  A: a cover letter? I've never thought about that. Won't a CV do for my job application?

  E: no, a CV is not enough. You should also attach it with a cover letter. Don't overlook it. You're faced with fierce competition in the job market. If your cover letter cannot stand out in the pile of cover letters, your resume may never see the light of day.

  A: sounds reasonable.Even if I'm the right one for the job, many people are applying for the same vacancy at the same time, so I should try my best to catch the Human Resources manager's attention.

  E: yes, you're right. All your preparation efforts are to help you land a job interview.

  A: got it. I'll start right now.


  这是一部热门电影。The movie is a big hit。

  我是个电影迷。I’m a big movie fan。

  你喜欢看什么电影?What kind of films do you like?

  这部电影的女主角是谁?Who is the heroine in this film?

  是什么剧情?What’s the plot?

  我已经很长时间没看电影了。It’s been a long time since I last saw a film。

  我有两张电影票。I have two movie tickets。

  我有两张首都电影院的`赠券。I have two coupons for the Capital Cinema。

  我们去哪家电影院?Which cinema shall we go to?

  你想看哪部片子?Which movie do you want to see?

  我们要看哪一场?Which showtime shall we choose?

  我们可以从网上订票。We can book the tickets online。

  我们应该早点动身去电影院。We should head for the cinema early。

  否则我们肯定就找不到好位子了。Or else we would definitely have problems getting good seats。

  电影院里污浊的空气让我讨厌。The foul air in the cinema disgusts me。

  这么多票贩子!So many scalpers!

  《朱诺》这部电影下午10点那场还有票吗?Do you still have the tickets for the performance of Juno at 10 am?

  我要两张15排的票。I’d like two tickets in the fifteenth row。

  我要7号座位。I’d like seat 7.

  咱们进去吧。Let’s get in。

  这个电影院的环境和设施还可以。The conditions and facilities of this cinema are pretty good。

  我出去一下。Excuse me for a while。

  你小声点讲话。Keep your voice down。

  我看不下去了,我走了。I can’t watch it any longer. I’m leaving。

  这部影片很感人。This film is very moving。

  这部电影真没劲。This film is boring。

  Going to the Movies

  Andrew:Wow, so many students are crowding in —more than I expected. We’re lucky to arrive an hour earlier. Or else we would definitely have problems getting good seats。

  Heather:I learned my lesson from the last experience. I didn’t arrive early enough, so I ended up with a terrible seat —all the way up in the front row! It was one of my worst movie experiences ever。

  Andrew:Yeah. I hate sitting in the front row。

  Heather:By the way, it was really thoughtful of you to get me the ticket. I really appreciate it. I’ll buy some popcorn and a drink for us。

  Andrew:That would be great!

  Heather:You hold my place, and I’ll be back as soon as possible. Oh, I almost forgot. I’d better hold on to my ticket stub in case they won’t let me in。