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  1. Although sales have continued to increase since last April, unfortunately the rate of increase has ----.

  (A) resurged

  (B) capitulated

  (C) retaliated

  (D) persevered

  (E) decelerated

  2. Although the mental process that creates a fresh and original poem or drama is doubtless ---- that which originates and elaborates scientific discoveries, there is clearly a discernible difference between the creators

  (A) peripheral to

  (B) contiguous with

  (C) opposed to

  (D) analogous to

  (E) inconsistent with

  3. It is disappointing to note that the latest edition of the bibliography belies its long-standing reputation for ---- by ---- some significant references to recent publications.

  (A) imprecision.. appropriating

  (B) relevance.. adding

  (C) timeliness.. updating

  (D) meticulousness.. revising

  (E) exhaustiveness.. omitting

  4. Although Simpson was ingenious at ---- to appear innovative and spontaneous, beneath the ruse he remained uninspired and rigid in his approach to problem solving.

  (A) intending

  (B) contriving

  (C) forbearing

  (D) declining

  (E) deserving

  5. She was criticized by her fellow lawyers not because she was not ----, but because she so ---- prepared her cases that she failed to bring the expected number to trial.

  (A) well versed.. knowledgeably

  (B) well trained.. enthusiastically

  (C) congenial.. rapidly

  (D) hardworking.. minutely

  (E) astute.. efficiently

  6. Schlesinger has recently assumed a conciliatory attitude that is not ---- by his colleagues, who continue to ---- compromise.

  (A) eschewed.. dread

  (B) shared.. defend

  (C) questioned.. reject

  (D) understood.. advocate

  (E) commended.. disparage