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  1,对健康构成潜在威胁 pose a threat to health

  2,供应不足 be in short supply

  3,化学污染物 chemical pollutant

  4,节水的习惯 water-saving habit

  5,水的分布 distribution of water

  6,水资源保护 water conservation

  7,水资源短缺 water shortage

  8,饮用水 drinking water

  9,有害物质 hazardous material

  10,在危险中 at risk

  11,被耗尽 be exhausted

  12,城市垃圾 urban garbage

  13,达到高效 achieve high efficiency

  14,当场处罚 on-the-spot fine

  15,对环境不利 be unfriendly to the environment 16,环境恶化 environmental degradation

  17,火灾隐患 a fire hazard

  18,垃圾的回收和处理 litter collection and disposal 19,垃圾分类 garbage classification

  20,破坏环境 ruin the environment


  promote the public awareness of environmental protection;

  arouse people’s awareness of environmental protection 22,采取强有力的措施 take stronger and harsher measures 23,有限资源 finite resource

  24,电脑监控系统 computer monitoring system

  25,缓解交通阻塞的压力 relieve the traffic congestion 26,加快车流量 accelerate the flow of traffic

  27,交通法规 traffic law and regulation

  28,认识不够 lack adequate awareness

  29,有损形象 sopil the image

  30,遵守交通法规 observe traffic regulation

  31,补救性措施 remedial measure

  32,急性病 acute disease

  33,慢性病 chronic disease

  34,人口密集的 densely-populated

  35,有益健康的 conductive to good health

  36,致命的疾病 fatal disease

  37,广泛的采用 be used intensively

  38,想出一个可行的解决方法 figure out a feasible solution 39,一个公认的事实 a generally acknowledged fact 40,是某事成为当务之急 make something a top priority




  保护环境 protect the environment   环境保护 environmental protection 自然资源 natural resources     旱灾 a drought

  地震 earthquake       自然灾害 natural disaster 灾区 disaster area 节约水 save water 咸水 salt water  淡水 fresh water 污水 polluted water  脏水 dirty water 自来水 running water  饮用水 drinking water 节省资源 save resources  完善服务 perfect services 为人类提供水和食物 supply water and food for human beings

  迈出重要一步  make an important step

  减少浪费 reduce waste 覆盖树木和草地 cover with trees and grass

  交流经验 exchange experience

  改善生活环境 improve the living environment

  防治污染 prevent and control pollution

  把---捐给慈善机构 donate --- to charities

  快速发展 develop rapidly

  改革开放政策 reform and opening up policy

  社会事业 social programs

  世博会 World Expo

  世博会主题 Expo theme

  城市,让生活更美好 Better city, better life

  公共交通 public transport

  红绿灯 traffic lights

  夜游 night tour

  不夜城 sleepless city

  (浦东) 世纪公园 Century Park

  外国游客 foreign tourist

  外国人 foreigner

  来自全世界的游客 tourists from all over the world

  路标 the road sign

  世博园 Expo Park

  世博会吉祥物 Expo Mascot

  导游 guide

  志愿者 volunteers

  古城  ancient town

  雪山  snow mountain

  世界杯 World Cup

  南非 South Africa


  You are not alone

  Before the coming of 2012, the drought of china is coming, in the southwest of china, millions of people suffer from drought, and it is said that this situation has not happened for nearly 60 years.

  And fortunately, the government has taken many

  measures to protect the suffering people, as you can see,

  the water is the problem. So to dig up wells is necessary. So soldiers are coming, they go to the place where motherland needs help. They devote their lives just for the country. And at this time, I can see the people from community, not hesitate to give their hands to the southwestern people. I pray to god, I thank all the caring people; it is you let our world filled with love.

  The people of the southwest, you are not alone.

  The best wishes for you

  Since the beginning of 2010, the southwest of china has been suffering from the lack of water, especially for Yunnan province. Millions of people don't get enough water for common life.

  I am sorry to see all of the photos, which come from the

  southwest, but at this moment, just like the 2008 earthquake of Sichuan province, the people of the disaster areas are greatly

  cared for by the other people of the country and the government, and at this moment I can deeply feel the hope of China, everyone comes to one home. If you have trouble, I will be with you. Last week, my school, my class and my classmates brought love and

  wishes to the people of the southwest,and more and more people have joined us.

  My dear friends, hand in hand, we are brothers and sisters, you are not alone.

  Just believe us, everything will be better.

  We all here, best wishes for you


  1. What is the full name of Expo 2010?


  2. Eopo 2010 Shanghai China.


  3. Is that the Expo emblem?


  4. The Expo emblem looks like three people holding hands. 世博会会徽看起来像三个人手挽着手。

  5. How long will the Expo last?


  6. The Expo will last six months. 世博会将持续半年。 7. What’s the theme of Expo 2010?


  8. Better city,better life. 城市,让生活更美好。 9. When will the Expo begin? 世博会什么时候开始? 10.The Expo will begin on May 1. 世博会五月一日开始。

  世博会什么时候结束? 12.The Expo will end on October 31. 世博会十月三十一日结束。

  13.Where is the Expo Site?


  14.It’s along both sides of the Huangpu River.


  15.Where are the theme pavilions? 主题馆在哪里?

  16.They ate in the center of the Expo Site.


  17.What will the weather be like during the Expo? 世博会举办期间天气会怎么样? 18. There will be three seasons during the Expo.


  19.There ate spring, summer and autumn. 它们是春季、夏季和秋季。 20.Shanghai is most beautiful in autumn. 上海在秋季最美丽。 21.It’s the best time of year for people to visit Shanghai. 这是一年中最适宜来上海游玩的时间。

  你是想坐磁悬浮列车还是专线大巴去机场? 23.Where is the light rail station, please? 请问轻轨站在哪儿?

  24.Go straight ahead to the traffic lights and then turn left.


  25.Is it convenient to go to the Expo Site in Pudong?

  到浦东的世博会场方便吗?26.You can go there throught tunnels under the river.

  你可以走过江隧道。 27.Can I take a ferry to cross the tiver?


  28.Excuse me. Where can I take Metro Line 8?

  请问,我在哪里可乘坐地铁8号线? 29.There is a metro station just across from the parking lot. 停车场对面就有一个地铁站。

  30.How far is the airport from the Expo Village?

  机场到世博村有多远? 31.About an hour by bus. 乘公交车大概一个小时。 32.How often does the shuttle bus run? 专线巴士多长时间一班? 33.Every ten minutes.



  1、保护和改善生活和生态环境protect and improve the living environment and the ecological environment

  2、保护珍贵动植物protect rare animals and plants

  3、普及环保知识popularize environmental protection knowledge

  4、增强环境意识enhance the awareness of the importance of environmental protection

  5、改善生态环境improve the eco-environment

  6、加强生态建设improve the eco-construction环保短语。

  7、防治污染prevent and control pollution

  8、加强水土保持reinforce the conservation of water and soil

  9、加强城市绿化strengthen the greening of the city

  10、提高环境管理水平raise the environmental management level

  11、享受国家一级保护enjoy first-class protection of the State

  12、加强环境保护strengthen environmental protection

  13、保持生态平衡keep ecological balance

  14、创造良好生态环境create apleasant ecological environment

  15、采用环保技术adopt environmental protection technique

  16、开展保护野生动物advocate to educate the public the protection of wild animals


  17、开展绿色活动 advocate green activities

  18、为大量野生动植物提供栖息地provide habitats for a huge number of wild animals and plants

  19、为人类提供水和食物supply water and food for human beings

  20、非常注重保护森林pay great attention to the conservation of forest

  21、产生巨大水文效应produce great hydrological effects

  22、引发一系列问题result in a series of problems

  23、帮助减缓全球变暖速度helps lowdown the pace of global warming

  24、保留为自然耕地reserve as natural farmland环保短语。

  25、提高居民环保和生态意识improve residents environmental and ecological awareness

  26、进一步加快环保规划further speed up environmental protection plans

  27、完善城市基础设施建设perfect the construction of urban infrastructure

  28、促进城市可持续发展promote the sustainable development of the city

  29、符合举办奥运会要求meet the requirements of hosting the Olympic Games

  30、扩建管道网络expand the pipe network

  31、淘汰或改造燃煤锅炉eliminate or convertcoal-burningboilers

  32、禁止露天焚烧prohibit burning out in the open

  33、发展太阳能develop solar energy

  34、提高清洁能源比重increase the supply of clean energy resources

  35、减少机动车辆reduce the number of vehicles

  36、使用清洁能源burn clean fuel

  37、实行严格机动车排放标准implement strict vehicle emission standards

  38、关闭化工厂close chemical plants

  39、减少浪费reduce waste

  40、加大污染治理力度strengthen pollution control

  41、治理沙地和水土流失问题tackle the problems of sandand soil erosion

  42、加强珍稀野生动植物保护工作protect rare wild animals and plants

  43、崇尚绿色生活方式pursue a greenlife

  44、使用再生纸use recycle paper

  45、参加环保运动take partin

  Environmental pollution is a term that refers to allthe ways by which man pollutes his surroundings. 环境污染是指人们用各种方式污染周围环境的一个术语。

  Man dirties the air with gases and smoke, poisonsthe water with chemicals and other substances, anddamages the soil with too many fertilizers andpesticides. 人们通过气体和烟雾来污染空气,用化学物质以及其他物质污染水源,还用大量的化肥和杀虫剂破坏土壤。

  Man also pollutes his surroundings in various ways. For example, people ruin natural beauty byscattering junk and litter on the land and in the water. They operate machines and motorvehicles that fill the air with disturbing noise. 人们还通过其他方式污染着他们的环境。例如,总有人在地面上和水里扔垃圾,破害自然美。人们使用的一些机器和交通工具噪音很大。

  Nearly everyone causes pollution in some way. Environmental pollution is one of the mostserious problems facing mankind today, and badly polluted air can cause illness, and evendeath.几乎每个人都在某种程度上对周围的'环境造成了污染。环境污染是当今人们所面对的一个非常严重的问题。被严重污染的空气会引起疾病甚至死亡。

  例111992年联合国地球峰会以来,越来越多的人和政府接受了“可持续发展”的观念。Since United Nations Earth Summit in 1992, more and more people and governments haveadopted the idea of “sustainable development”.

  这一观念认为,现今的经济发展不能以子孙后代的资源和选择作为代价,规划和发展不仅仅要确保经济增长,还要保证社会进步和环境健康,这就是说一些经济行为必须受到制约。This is the idea that today’s economic growth should not be at the risk of the resources andoptions for future generations. Planning and development need to ensure not only economicgrowth, but also social advancement and environmental health, and this means that someeconomic behaviors must be restricted or controlled.

  中国面临着很多严峻的环境问题:空气污染,水污染,沙漠化,过渡捕捞,对自然栖息地的破坏,酸雨,对野生动植物的过渡消费等等。所有这一切的背后都是经济增长和环境保护之间的矛盾。There are many serious environmental problems in China: air pollution, water pollution,desertification, overfishing, destruction of natural habitats, acid rain, over-consumption ofwild animals and plants, etc. Behind them all, is the

  contradiction between economic growthand environmental protection.

  将可持续发展原则逐步融入到政府规划,资源管理和经济政策中去,这是中国解决环境问题所能够采取的最重要的一步。Instilling principles of sustainable development into

  governmental planning, resourcesmanagement and economic policy is the most important step China could take to solve itsenvironmental problems.