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  at the request of mr. xizhen chen, my former student in the department of computer science, beijing univ. of sciences, i am glad to write this letter furnishing my evaluation ofhis academic aptitude for your reference. mr. chen is interested in your graduate program in computer science.i came to know him in september 1987 when mr. chen enrolled in my class on fortran iv programming, a three semesters’ course.in the class he was one of the most outstanding students. at the semester final he earned a high grade of 81, which should be "a" according to our grading system. i also ound him good at other studies.after the class, he had personal talks with me several times. he indicated a great interest in computer hardware,

  in my opinion, mr. chen has a potential in computer science, which can be further developed.in view of his previous achievements in this college, i am firmly convinced that mr. chen will make a successful graduate student. your favorable consideration of his admission will be highly appreciated.


  dear sir or madam:

  i am very pleased to write this recommendation for mr. w.y. so as to support his application for admission into your phd program and for your consideration of his financial support.

  and he also took part in two published papers, one titled xxxx, the other xxxx. this type of acclaim is normally reserved for graduate students and i believe that this exemplifies his commitment to furthering his education.

  besides merits for scientific research, mr. w.y. also has a wonderful personality. all of us around enjoy the acquaintance and friendship from him. no matter as a teammate or a team leader, he is always cooperative, considerate and eager to provide help, making us feel so comfortable and confident to be along with him, either for work or just for personal companion.

  this young man’s professional qualities and personal character have convinced me that he will have no trouble in succeeding in any career that he chooses to pursue, given the opportunity to have a try.

  in short, i am confident to assert that mr. w.y. has the potential to distinguish himself as a successful researcher, and that this potential will be sure to be fully caressed and exploited if he can be accepted for further pursuit in this field in your institution. i shall greatly appreciate it if you will consider his application in light of this potential.

  yours sincerely,


  in capacity as professor of mathematics at fudan university?i'm writing to recommend mr. wang?gesintosyour phd program in computer science. i have known mr. wang since his sophomore year of college?and have acted as his thesis advisor and mentor. in my experience?he is a gifted and diligent student?and an admirably hard worker.

  wang is an impressive student because he has been forced to overcome the significant challenge of a serious illness during his freshman year. when i first met wang in my discrete math class?he did not appear to be anything special to me. while his exam scores were good?they were not as high as i would now expect of him. what i didn't know then was that due to his illness?wang was attempting to take all of the difficult early mathematics courses at one time?including discrete mathematics?advanced mathematics?linear algebra?and possibilities. while most students found preparing for just one set of these exams difficult?wang was overwhelmed by four of them. but in the end?he achieved an impressive score on the final exam?which made me conscious of his unusual determination he demonstrates when confronting difficult challenges.

  mr. wang and i have often talked about a variety of mathematics and computer science concepts and problems. during these discussions?i always found him to be delightfully intelligent. not only does he quickly understand the concepts and problems presented to him?he is able to analyze these problems and present solutions. but perhaps most important is that wang's thinking is intensely rigorous. when looking at any question?he carefully scrutinizes it and if he finds any uncertain issues?he clears them up immediately. i believe this kind of thought is essential to become an excellent computer programmer.

  serving as his thesis advisor?i had a first-hand opportunity to observe the way in which wang's mind works. in his senor thesis?mr. wang mainly discussed two challenging questions in regards to′ann′. in our books in china?knowledge of ann and its uses are very rare. few people in china have studied this topic and consequently?the materials that are available on ann are limited. working on this difficult project?not only did mr. wang rise to the challenge?but he went above and beyond the call of duty to analyze his secondary sources and test them for accuracy in practice. in this way?he found mistakes in the book that we use. his diligence and hard work made me extremely proud of him.

  mr. wang is an intelligent?motivated?and industrious individual. teaching and advising him has been a delightful pleasure. i know that if given the chance to study abroad in america?he will arm himself to become a great programmer he dreams of being. he has the intelligence and background to achieve these goals - now all he needs is the opportunity. i ask that you look upon his application favorably and grant him a chance to study in your university.


  dear colleagues:

  as a teacher in department of biology, nankai university, a leading university in china, i am very pleased to take this opportunity to recommend one of my favorite students to your phd program.

  in september, XX, miss zhang was my students in general biology, the first professional course they take in the field. she likes it very much. i teach her in an open and interactive manner, she is active and passionate about answering class questions. miss zhang is bright, energetic and enthusiastic girl who loves speaking out her own ideas. she never escapes from those points of which she is skeptical. apart from that, she often puts forward her ideas upon questions and exchanges all of her innovate ideas with me after class.

  upon ending of general biology course, i asked my students to write an essay upon their understanding of biology. i discovered miss zhang’s essay was so impressive and persuasive; her careful essay comes from dozens of references to biology literatures. in essay miss zhang stretched out her creative thinking upon status quo of biological research and branches in the field of biology. all of this speaks to her creative and logical and scientific thinking capability. i am gladly to say that miss zhang has a clear understanding about general biology, that comprehension has been reflected fully in her essay. therefore miss zhang got a full point for her essay in her class, and other students took it as model essay for granted.

  i believe miss zhang’s industriousness, passion and dedication will make her an ideal candidate you are seeking for your program, so i highly recommend her without any hesitation to you. and i will greatly appreciate it if you could accept her into your program.

  sincerely yours,


  i am pleased to write this letter for my former student miss nan li,who graduated from this college with an l.b.degree in june 1978.miss li was admitted to the department of law of this college in 1974 through highly competitive entrance examination whi ch is conducted annually and is open to the whole nation.even in such aselective group.miss li made herself distinguished.as professor and dean of the college,i have access to her records of academic work and moral conduct,in her fourth year study,i instructed her in anglo-american laws on trespass.so ihave known her quite well.miss li’’s performance,like that in many other courses she taken,was excellent with asuperior grade of 86 for the first semester,and 84 for the second semester.

  in our university and in other university here,80 is considered"a",the highest level.as far as iknow,miss li wishes to continue her study in law for an advanced degree.i am sure she has had sufficient prerequisite knowledge for the subject and certainly has the ability to undertake the study.i recommend miss li without reservation and shall appreciate your favorable consideration of her application.



  to whom it may concern,

  i am writing this letter to attest to paul’s skills in language and publicrelations. in the four years i have known him, i have been consistentlyimpressed with his ability not only to negotiate complex ideas in otherlanguages, but also to relate these things in a personable, conscientiousfashion. his manner in these cases is both professional and personal, twoqualities which i find particularly valuable in a professional setting. he haspersonally helped me in professional negotiation for everything from traintickets to contract information, and i have always been able to count onhim.i first met paul in school, where he was a student at the university at whichi taught. he was well-known to most of the westerners in town, who could callfrom different universities to ask for his help. sometimes this help involvedtranslation of professional documents, and sometimes it involved personal helpin making phone calls. many of these westerners continue to call him today, eventhough they live quite far away from him, because they have come to trust himvery much. from this foundation in public relations paul has found positions invarious professional capacities and has been highly-valued in each place. he isgenerally the sort of employee a company finds most valuable in its dealingswith both foreign and domestic clients. he puts people at their ease with hislanguage ability and manner, both of which communicate to people that they canrelax and simply communicate.

  i would highly recommend paul as an employee. hisexperience and manner are rare and very valuable.robert moorementor