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  Dear Sir/Madame,

  I’m privileged to write in support of Miss. Lin Zhang. Miss. Lin Zhang had been working in CASIO (SHANGHAI) from March 20xx to September 20xx, during which time I witnessed her tremendous growth and development.

  At the beginning, Miss. Lin Zhang was hired as a member of Electronic Dictionary Department, a newly-built department in CASIO (SHANGHAI), because of her excellent education background and language skills which were essential for our specific products. Facing the totally new work, Miss. Lin Zhang impressed me first was her learning ability. Her duty was to improve the sales channels in Shanghai and to establish good cooperating with famous language training school and the foreign language colleges. She was active and full of curiosity in every discussing meeting. She was a good planner as well. Most tasks taken charge by her were going smoothly and effectively.

  Besides such necessary character as sense of responsibility, integrity and sense of team-working, it was creative spirit and independent thinking that made Miss. Lin Zhang different. Whenever meeting with any challenge in work, she always had a deep belief in finding a new and better way to solve the problem. We really encountered a variety of difficulties at the beginning of the project, especially in locating our core customers since the market of China was so different from that of Japan. Miss. Lin Zhang collected useful information of our customers’ thoughts by visiting teachers and students at school and paying attention to language learning websites, which influenced the marketing media work in a positive way and set a good sample for other colleagues.

  After 2 years of hard work, Miss. Lin Zhang was promoted to Chief in marketing section. She efficiently contributed to push the marketing items such as media releasing, new product launching, official website renewing. Moreover, she was in charge of the new potential customer survey and new model products analyzing. During February 20xx, she went on a business trip to our Tokyo Office and learned more about the general marketing information.

  Miss. Lin Zhang is no doubt an excellent employee. As a young lady, it seemed to me that she enjoyed and desired some change in her life. Her decision to quit one year ago was quite unexpected to me. However, personally I respected her decision. Now I am glad to know that she was planning to pursue her study in Singapore. As I know, she liked Singapore since she had a wonderful travel experience there in 20xx. I hope her application can have your consideration.

  Sincerely Yours,

  Vice President in CASIO (SHANGHAI)


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  1、正确的推荐人。选择推荐人应当遵守量大原则一是熟悉,熟悉自己的人;二是专业,熟悉自己申请的专美国硕士留学业的方向或是在这个专业领域里面发展工作的人,作为学生 的美国金融专业研究生申请者她的推荐人最好一个是系主任,一个是金融主业方面的任课老师。如果需要三封推荐信,则第三封推荐信可以是实习公司的领导,也可以是课外活动小组的 老师。如果是社会人士申请则最好是自己的直接领导人和间接领导人,如果三封推荐信,可以提供一封自己学术方面的`。






  Dear Sir or Madam:

  As Principal of George Mason High School I am delighted to recommend to you a stellar member of our teaching staff, Mr. Samuel Cohen, and to write this letter on his behalf. Sam has taught American Historyat the school for three years. He is one of our most popular and effective instructors and has already wonseveral teaching awards.

  He came to us directly upon completion of his bachelor’s degree, but immediately settled in as if an old pro.

  Sam is a master of all of the ingredients of successful teaching, especially the ability to inspire.

  This gentleman is highly professional in both dress and demeanor. To my knowledge Sam has never cometo work without both a suit and tie, more times than not a bow tie. The majority of others at the school,both teachers and students, dress differently and lean to more informality. Never once, however, has Sam’smanner of dress elicited the slightest comment. Why? It is simply because Sam’s attire seems entirely naturalgiven his dignified comportment.

  That comportment in turn is driven by Sam’s love and respect for American History. Sam views himself asthe messenger for something serious and important, and this is reflected in the way he teaches and in theway his students respond.

  Reaction to Sam’s classes has been overwhelmingly positive. So much so that more than once it has beenreported to me that study hall students have been spotted lingering outside the door to Sam’s classroomlistening to his lessons.

  Sam’s impact has even been felt outside the school with the parents themselves. His section on theimportance of voting has inspired students to cajole their parents to register to vote. Several have mentionedthis to me at parent-teacher meetings. One even called the school to have me pass on their thanks to Mr. Cohen.

  The only thing that we in the school administration have ever worried about in regard to Sam is the prospectof funding his bottled water. Sam is such a passionate and prolific speaker that he needs a steady supply tomaintain his voice. So far we have gotten a pass on this, as students have bought it for him, including whatmust have been a year’s supply on his last birthday.It will be a sad day when we announce that Sam will be pursuing his graduate degree on a fulltime basis.

  We can only hope that he keeps his promise and returns to us as soon as the ink is dry on his new diploma.Sincerely,

  Harold W. Brown


  George Mason High School






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