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  In this argument, the author concludes that To support his conclusion, the author points out that. In addition, the author reasons that Further more, he also assumes that . At first glance, the authors argument appears to be somehow appealing, while a close examination will reveal how groundless it is. We do not have to look very far to see the invalidity of this argument. This argument is problematic for the following reasons.


  In the first place, this argument rests on a gratuitous assumption that . However, the assumption is questionable because the author provides no evidence to support this argument. The arguer fails to take into account other facts that might contribute to the result that .. It is likely that , it is also likely that Any of these scenarios, if true, would show that Therefore, this argument in question nee not to be accepted without ruling out such possibility.

  In the second place, the argument commits a logic fallacy of after this and therefore because of this. In no case can the mere fact that be cited as evidence to support the assumption that there is a causal-effect relationship between A and B. Moreover, that just because B can be statistically correlated with A doesnot necessarily mean that A is the cause of B. In fact, the author has obviously neglected the possibility of other alternative facts such as, or may contribute to a certain extent to B. It may be only a coincidence that . Unless the author can rule out other factors relevant to , this assumption in question can not be accepted.



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