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  Hello! (sir / madam / ladies and gentleman)

  My name's (中文名字), and you can call me (英文名字).

  I'm eleven years old.I study in……Primary School,and I'm in Class 5,Grade 5.There're three people in my family,they're……my mother is a (职业)……my father is a (职业)……I do love my happy warm family!In addition,I'm sunny boy with lots of hobbies, for instance,stamp-collecting, swimming,reading, etc.But I prefer……because……and I have learned since I was……years old.Soon I will graduate from primary school, and I sincerely hope that I can continue to study at this school.Thanks for your attention!






  【Why the Sea is Salt】

  Once upon a time...

  Long, long ago, there were two brothers, the one rich and the other poor. When Christmas Eve came, the poor one had not a bite in the house, either of meat or bread; so he went to his brother, and begged him, in God's name, to give him something for Christmas Day. It was by no means the first time that the brother had been forced to give something to him, and he was not better pleased at being asked now than he generally was.

  "If you will do what I ask you, you shall have a whole ham," said he. The poor one immediately thanked him, and promised this.

  "Well, here is the ham, and now you must go straight to Dead Man's Hall," said the rich brother, throwing the ham to him.

  "Well, I will do what I have promised," said the other, and he took the ham and set off. He went on and on for the livelong day, and at nightfall he came to a place where there was a bright light.

  "I have no doubt this is the place," thought the man with the ham.

  An old man with a long white beard was standing in the outhouse, chopping Yule logs.

  "Good-evening," said the man with the ham.

  "Good-evening to you. Where are you going at this late hour?" said the man.

  "I am going to Dead Man's Hall, if only I am on the right track," answered the poor man.

  "Oh! yes, you are right enough, for it is here," said the old man. "When you get inside they will all want to buy your ham, for they don't get much meat to eat there; but you must not sell it unless you can get the hand-mill which stands behind the door for it. When you come out again I will teach you how to stop the hand-mill, which is useful for almost everything."

  So the man with the ham thanked the other for his good advice, and rapped at the door.

  When he got in, everything happened just as the old man had said it would: all the people, great and small, came round him like ants on an ant-hill, and each tried to outbid the other for the ham.

  "By rights my old woman and I ought to have it for our Christmas dinner, but, since you have set your hearts upon it, I must just give it up to you," said the man. "But, if I sell it, I will have the hand-mill which is standing there behind the door."

  At first they would not hear to this, and haggled and bargained with the man, but he stuck to what he had said, and the people were forced to give him the hand-mill. When the man came out again into the yard, he asked the old wood-cutter how he was to stop the hand-mill, and when he had learned that, he thanked him and set off home with all the speed he could, but did not get there until after the clock had struck twelve on Christmas Eve.

  "Where in the world have you been?" said the old woman. "Here I have sat waiting hour after hour, and have not even two sticks to lay across each other under the Christmas porridge-pot."

  "Oh! I could not come before; I had something of importance to see about, and a long way to go, too; but now you shall just see!" said the man, and then he set the hand-mill on the table, and bade it first grind light, then a table-cloth, and then meat, and beer, and everything else that was good for a Christmas Eve's supper; and the mill ground all that he ordered. "Bless me!" said the old woman as one thing after another appeared; and she wanted to know where her husband had got the mill from, but he would not tell her that.

  "Never mind where I got it; you can see that it is a good one, and the water that turns it will never freeze," said the man. So he ground meat and drink, and all kinds of good things, to last all Christmas-tide, and on the third day he invited all his friends to come to a feast.



  .很久以前,有两个兄弟,一个富人和另一个穷人。当圣诞前夕,穷人没有咬在房子,无论是肉或面包;于是他去见他的弟兄,求他以神的名,给他作圣诞节的礼物。这是兄弟第一次被迫给他一些东西,他现在不比一般人更高兴了。“如果你愿意做我想做的事,你就会有一整套火腿,”他说。可怜的人立刻感谢他,并答应了这一点。“好,这里是火腿,现在你必须直接去死人的大厅,”富农说,把火腿扔给他。“好吧,我会照我所说的做的,”另一个说,他拿起火腿,出发了。他在,在黄昏的时候,到了一个明亮的地方。“我毫不怀疑这是个地方,”含着火腿的人想。一个留着长长的白胡子的老人站在厕所里,劈下了圣诞。“晚上好,”带火腿的人说。“晚上好给你。”这迟到的时候你要去哪里?”那个人说。“我要去死人的大厅,如果我在正确的轨道上,”穷人回答。"哦!“是的.,你是对的,因为它在这里,”老人说。“当你进到里面,他们都想买你的火腿,因为他们没有多少肉在那里吃;但是你不能卖掉它,除非你能买到站在门后的hand-mill。当你再次出来时,我会教你如何停止hand-mill ,这对几乎所有的东西都有用。“所以,有火腿的人感谢别人的好建议,在门口敲了敲。当他进来的时候,一切都发生了,正如老人所说的那样:所有的人和大大小小的人都像蚂蚁一样围着一群蚂蚁,试图为火腿出价高于。“通过权利我的老妇人和我应该得到它作为我们的圣诞晚餐,但是,因为你已经设置了你的心在它,我必须只把它交给你,”男子说。“但是,如果我卖掉它,我会有站在门后的hand-mill。”起初他们不肯听这事,也不肯与那人商议,就卡住了他所说的话,百姓就强迫他hand-mill。当这个人回到院子里时,他问老人如何阻止hand-mill ,当他得知这一点时,他向他表示感谢,并以所有的速度出发了,但直到圣诞节前夕十二点敲响十二点以后才到达。“你在哪里?”老妇人说。“在这里,我有一个小时的等待时间,甚至没有两根棍子在圣诞porridge-pot下躺。"哦!我以前不能来;我有一些重要的事情要看,还有很长的路要走。但是现在你会看到的!那人说,然后他把hand-mill放在桌子上,吩咐先磨光,然后是台布,然后是肉,还有啤酒,还有其他一切对圣诞前夕晚餐的好处。他订购的工厂都是地面“祝福我!””老妇人说,一件事以后出现了;她想知道她的丈夫从哪里得到了磨坊,但他不会告诉她。“别管我把它放在哪里;你可以看到它是一个很好的,水,它将永远不会冻结,”男子说。所以他把肉和饮料,以及各种好东西,都留到christmas-tide ,第三天,他请所有的朋友来赴宴。