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  DearProf.He Yu,


  The Academic Conference on Bfifsh a nd American Literature sponsored by Beijing University will be held in Beijing on 2nd july 20xx.We take great Pleasure in inviting you to attend the conference.We will Pay your hotel accommodation a nd meMs,but youwill be responsable fOryourairfare.

  If you have any paper o r topies on which you would like to give talks,please inform us as soon as possible for the program is being finalized soon.

  PLease confirm your participation at you earliest convenience.

  With kind regards.

  Yours Sincerely,

  Zhao Yan

  Convener & Secretary









  Dear [Mr. Harrison]:

  Our new factory will be commencing production on [April 10] and we should like to invite [you and your wife] to be present at a celebration to mark the occasion.

  As you will appreciate this is an important milestone for this organization, and is the result of continued demand for our products, both at home and overseas. We are inviting all those individuals and trust that you will pay us the compliments of accepting.

  Please confirm that you will be able to attend by advising us of your time —— we can arrange for you to be met. All arrangements for your stay [overnight on April 10] will, of course, be made by us at our expense.

  Yours faithfully,




  如您确能参加,请来函告知您抵达的'时间 —— 以便我们为您安排会晤。当然,所有安排您在[10日晚间]夜宿的费用,皆将由公司代您支付。


  Dear [Susan]:

  I know you are interested in [oil painting], so I’m sure you’ll be interested in [Mr. and Mrs. Lin dun]! They are coming here to supper [next Sunday night, October the twelfth], and we’d like you and [Walter] to come, too.

  [Mr. and Mrs. Lin Dun] are that very charming couple we met in [London] last summer. They have a wonderful collection of [oil paintings of various stages]; and I understand that Mr. Lin Dun is quite an authority on [oil painting]. I’m sure you and Walter will thoroughly enjoy and evening in their company.

  We’re planning supper at six; that will give us a nice long evening to talk. If I don’t hear from you before then, I’ll be expecting you on the [twelfth]!

  Affectionately yours,

  Li Ming






Dear Meiwo franchisee:

  Hello! Thank you for reading this invitation in your busy schedule.

  With the strong support of all the allies, the company's performance can be thriving. To this end, we would like to express our sincere thanks to all our allies. The company headquarters decided to host the 20xx annual meeting at the Kokusai Hotel in Wuhu, Anhui, in January 7th, 20xx. The annual meeting of the theme of "integration, sharing, win-win", will witness us five years of strategic development, and the new trend of rich interpretation of doors and windows.

  Here, the headquarters sincerely invites you to the site of the annual meeting of the company, and is looking forward to recommending your allies to recommend the customers to join the door and window. If you agree, please will you agree to participate in the annual meeting of the personnel list sent to headquarters office office.

  This is the letter of this letter.

  Anhui Meiwo window industry limited company headquarters

  January 20xx

尊敬的美沃 加盟商:








  ___________ miss / mr.:

  Spring is the head, bow into autumn, XX company ushered in a new year ninth. We know that in the development of the road can not do without your cooperation and support, we have achieved results in your hard work. For a long time, but long joint. As a mature professional XX company we cherish your choice, we are willing to share with you the joy of the new year and look forward to the new year. We invite you to XXXX company held a new year's reception, and you talk about friendship, looking forward to the future. Be glad to hear and answer.

  Human Resources Department

  X X 20xx


  XX company:

  Our company decided to 20xx X_ X_ held in the company's 20xx annual meeting of the company, the year will be sponsored by the company, including open discussion and tasting food and other activities.

  In order to strengthen our company's experience exchange and promote our company's development, we sincerely invite you to come to our company's annual meeting. If you agree, please send your company name to our company's logistics department for the year. I hereby.

  XX company

  XX XX 20xx









  热烈欢迎您于____(日期),____(时间a)-____(时间b)的到来。 如果您的熟人或朋友也对我们的产品感兴趣,欢迎您带他们一起来。 我们期待您的到来!



  today we take as a special pleasure to have your company at our celebration for the opening of ____ (place) branch shop. we hope that we could share this celebration with you a nd invite you to visit our shop to taste some delicious wine.

  you are warmly welcomed to visit us on ____ (date), from ____ (time a) to ____ (time b).

  if your friends a nd acquaintances also take interest in our products, all of them are welcome.

  looking forward to your visit.

  (complimentary close)


Dear Mr/ Ms.:

  In the past year, we carefully build the platform, you are our concern and support of the wealth of the protagonist.

  The new year is coming, we love their family happy together to achieve network. In order to thank you for your support of a year, we will return to 20xx 14:00 in January 10th in Qingdao Le Grand Large Hotel on the first floor of the temple held Regent Regent 20xx customers will have excellent programs and lucrative prizes waiting for you, waiting for you to visit!

  Let our friendship with Syria, plan for the future, for more wealth next year, more happy!

  Human Resources Department

  X X 20xx








Distinguished members and related enterprises:

  To help the enterprises in Shenzhen to explore the international market, understand foreign industry production and market cutting-edge information, strengthen international economic and trade exchanges and cooperation, Shenzhen Baoan District Creative Industry Federation by Sri Lanka National Ministry of Commerce invited, in December 20xx the organization went to Sri Lanka to study business and economic and trade negotiation activities.

  The visit will be arranged to listen to Sri Lanka National Ministry of Commerce officials to introduce Sri Lanka, the use of foreign investment policy and investment cooperation projects, a comprehensive understanding of Sri Lanka's investment environment, but also visit Sri Lanka's factories, enterprises and integrated trade market, the field of Sri Lanka's change and economic operation. During the visit will also visit Sri Lanka cultural attractions, more abundant content and travel itinerary.

  We sincerely invite the industry associations, enterprises and related units to actively participate.

  Due to the limited number of activities, please pay close attention to registration!

  Registration deadline: November 20, 20xx.



Dear XX,


  It's three years since we left no. 1 high school. have you ever thought of seeing all of your old classmates again some day? here's a chance for you to meet them.

  The reunion is on sunday, august 10, 20xx at 10 a. m. be sure to come on time and we'll stay for a whole day. bring something interesting to surprise everybody if you like. we're looking forward to seeing you!

  The address is no. XXX taiping street. take bus no. XXX and get off at taiping street. you can't miss it.

  Please note: if you can't come, write to this address or call me up(tel: XXX)and leave a message. any good suggestion should be sent to us by next weekend.









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